Monday, September 26 , 2022

This kid explains in 2 minutes why organic is better!

Elise did an experiment to see how long it will take for a GM and Organic sweet potato to grow vines.

The results will shock you!

Nothing farms today without using toxins. At the soil preparation, before harvest, post harvest, and packaging, throughout these stages the use of chemicals has seen a drastic increase.   It s also a known fact that most farmers nowadays have a separate organic farm area, where they grow food for their consumption.

Chemical companies argue that the chemical found in separate vegetable and other varieties are too law that it can make an impact. What they fail to point out is that how much of toxins we are talking as a collection of such veggies. They also refrain pointing out how much of exposure we will have consuming toxins daily for years.

No wonder we hear o much about cancers and various other NCDs.