Monday, September 26 , 2022

Kill the Plan, Not the Deer: Can you help save a deer?

Kill the Plan, Not the Deer: Can you help save a deer?

A member of our community sent us this seeking your support. Will you be able to help them in their cause to save roughly about 5000 deer?

As taxpayers, visitors, tourists and shoppers, as concerned citizens, environmentalists and Humans we cannot agree with this step the Town/Village Boards of Eastern Long Island going to take. It’s very sad to hear the plan by Long Island Farm Bureau/USDA to hire Federal sharp shooters to inhumanely slaughter 5,000 deer in Suffolk County, NY, commencing January/February 2014.

Instead the solution would be to find a humane, sustainable, non-lethal deer management plan based on science, rather than just go killing this poor animals. Its not the right way to go about east way. According to the news it is said that deer will be entrapped by bait stations and then shot by sharpshooters under cover of night, from mobile units or tree stands, or captured in drop nets, and then executed at point blank range with a hand-gun.

This is highly cruel and unacceptable to civilized people of conscience. The ensuing terror and carnage these animals will suffer is primitive and ethically indefensible. And this, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that immuno-contraception is effective, humane, less expensive and sustainable over the long term.

We must ask for more intelligent and sustainable forward thinking solutions that protect people, animals and agriculture while adhering to ethical and environmentally sound models.

What can you do?

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