Klaviyo Designers Advice – Adding Custom Fonts to Emails

In order for your email marketing efforts to hit their mark, you need to ensure that the emails you send out are easy to read, distinctive and designed to compel action Klaviyo designers often achieve part of this aim through the use of custom fonts, as they have the power to immediately make your messages more recognisable to your readers.

In this blog, we take a look at the use of fonts in Klaviyo and how they can be played around with to create eye-catching texts to grab the attention of your readers. Klaviyo designers know exactly how to use the available fonts for the benefit of your readers, across all the different email platforms.

Klaviyo Designers Use Email-platform Friendly Fonts

Not all email clients are able to render style tags, especially when talking about those that are web-based like Yahoo and Gmail. The good news is that Klaviyo offers a wide range of fonts that are preinstalled on most devices and computers. 

Klaviyo designers use these fonts safe in the knowledge that they will deliver a consistent appearance and experience whether they are viewed via a PC, an Android tablet or an iOS device.

Featuring Hosted Fonts in Your Email Templates

Klaviyo itself does not host fonts, but they do support the use of hosted fonts in your email templates and it is recommended when using a custom font, you provide a fallback option. That’s just in case the main font option doesn’t render properly for any given user.

There are a number of places that Klaviyo designers find hosted fonts, like FontDeck, Adobe Typekit and of course, Google.com/fonts. Should you select one to use with Klaviyo, you won’t find it in the usual font dropdown menu, however, it will appear when the email is previewed.

Adding Custom Fonts to the Klaviyo Designers Platform

When you come to add custom fonts to Klaviyo, it’s a fairly simple process. For example, if you’re using Google Fonts, all you need to is find the font you want to use in the search bar and download it to Klaviyo and if you’re attempting to match a font to the one shown your website, you can use the ‘inspect’ feature to identify the closest option.

These are techniques regularly used by Klaviyo designers to get the font just right and add the necessary style and gravitas your emails deserve.

Eventige – The Klaviyo Designers You Can Rely On

This has just been a very brief look into one small aspect of effective email marketing and there are so many more ways in which you can add colour and life to your emails. Klaviyo designers have an entire arsenal of techniques that can be used to add authority, exclusivity and personality to get you the interaction and sales your retail store needs.

At Eventige Media Group, we are Klaviyo experts and we have years of experience in working with ecommerce platforms. So, when you work with us, you know that you are in very good hands. If you’d like to know more about Klaviyo, the work we do or anything else, simply visit us online at www.eventige.com where we’re sure you’ll find everything you need.