Kratom Capsules Vs Kratom Powder And Why Capsules Are Easier To Take

If you are one of the many people who want to self-medicate using kratom and haven’t tried it yet (or even if you have, and are thinking about switching to the capsules from the powder), you may want to see how much you can benefit from kratom capsules more than the powder. While the powder can produce the same essential effects, just in a different way. Today, we’re going to get into why capsules are easier to take, and probably a lot better when it comes to using kratom today.

Are You Saying Kratom Powders are Bad?

No, we’re not saying this. Many people do still choose to take kratom in the powder form. They’re pretty used to putting the teaspoon of powder into water or juice, stirring it up then slamming it like an energy drink or protein shake. However, depending on what dosage they’re actually getting depends on a lot of powders, like what strain they’re using, as well as how fine the powder is from the leaves, can greatly affect just how much kratom dosage they’re actually taking. Not only that, but let’s face it – kratom has a bitter taste, and almost all users who chug it still say it tastes horrible. Why put yourself through that?

The Reason Pills are Better

Well, of course, you could make your own pills, but that takes a lot of time, your own out of pocket money (especially at first because you have to buy the right equipment to make the kratom capsules, and then keep restocking yourself), and your precious time. Plus, you also have to practice. Sure you’ll get better at not making a complete disastrous mess over time, but you shouldn’t have to put yourself through this trouble when you can order the pills for just a couple bucks more than the powder itself.

Benefits of Pills

Kratom pills, when ordered from a reliable source, are less time consuming and more convenient. You don’t want to carry a bottle of water and kratom with you everywhere you go? Fine, then you can easily take a couple of capsules with you rather than having to find a way to store the powder. Not only that, many people who are taking kratom regularly for pain relief and other ailments (self-medicating) have been found to enjoy taking the capsules more because while they may take a little longer to feel the effects of the kratom, it’s more of a time-released side effect rather than just a burst of immediate effects that slam you like a drunken boxer.


So other than the taste, there are so many health benefits that you can get with kratom. Sure, you hear horror stories about media, the DEA, the press, and more, but don’t let this fool you, kratom may just be here to stay, and it’s literally accepted in nearly all 50 states (there are some cities in “legal” states that still ban it), and why not take it in a capsule form to avoid the hassle, the horrible chalky taste, and still reap the positive rewards at the same time that you would get from the powder? Some say patience is a virtue, and with kratom capsules, this is definitely the case. For more information, please visit store.