labor meaning pregnancy

What is labor meaning in pregnancy?-Best 2018 guide

The pregnancy is a normal phenomenon for humans.  It is the birth of a new human, a new life through a mother’s womb. You have to wait around ten months after you got pregnant to see your lovely baby’s face. It is a fantastic moment for a new mother and father. However, it is necessary to keep proper medical supervision until this day! Your medical team may consist with a consultant, a normal physician, a dietitian, a physiotherapist, and a nurse and other support staff along with your husband and family members. The advice and support of this medical team are necessary to keep your fetus safe and healthy until the delivery.

labor meaning pregnancy

Labor meaning pregnancy-The signs of labor pregnancy among most of the women

There are three stages of labor. All these steps depend on normal hormonal changes inside your body. At the beginning of your labor, you and your baby will be ready by changing their positions and physiology. It is an amazing creature by nature.

You will feel regular and frequent uterine contractions when it is near to your labor. And also you will feel the motions of your baby and its lightning. Your medical team also will identify some of the features including the changes of the cervix and they will give you advice on how to be ready for your labor.

It is necessary to keep a good mental and physical health in order to experience successful labor by giving birth to a healthy life.

The time duration between labor and delivery- Labor meaning pregnancy

You have to pass all the three stages of labor in order to deliver your baby. The time duration in between these two may vary among women to women. Usually, it will take around nine to twenty hours.

The first stage of the labor is a longer period. Most of the women experience pain and strong uterine contractions during this phase of the labor. The labor pain management is an important part in this stage. Pain in the labor may be change according to the baby’s position inside the womb, the positive feelings and emotions of the mother as well as the muscular strength of her. Most of the mothers are able to bear this pain with natural ways such as breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Usually, your physiotherapist will help you to cope with this situation prior to your labor and during these stages.

labor meaning pregnancy

The second stage is a medium length one. In here, your fetus will ready to see the world by changing his position inside your womb. You will feel a little relaxation than before during this stages. The third stage is the shortest one. Now, your child was born. This stage involves the delivery of the placenta. You will feel a little contraction for a shorter period of time.


Almost all of the woman experience this natural and normal physiological phenomenon of labor and pregnancy unless there are no any medical risks for mother and child. If there are such issues, you will have to move into surgical procedures such as cesarean and forceps deliveries. We hope that now you all have a clear idea about labor meaning pregnancy to a greater extent.