Thursday, October 6 , 2022

Las Vegas on a Budget

A trip to the Sin City is going to be expensive if you want to experience it in its true sense. But if you really want to do justice to your vacation to Las Vegas, you could make it happen with these pro budget friendly tips.

Saving on Flights

Making your reservation as early as possible is going to be entirely in you budget’s favor. You can find and book some very affordable discounted deals that otherwise would have consumes a huge park to your budget. But only choose the discount airlines if you are sure you can manage  traveling according to its policies because airlines like Allegiant are definitely cheap  but they do so by charging you for everything that would be free on express airlines. So, be aware and manage thing in a way that you do not have to pay for them later on.

Whether you want to check a bag, bring a carry-on, drink water, print your boarding pass etc EVERYTHING has a fee. But if you can get past these it’s a direct, inexpensive flight.

Packing Light

Always roll your clothes to save space, weight and effort of carrying it. Do pack some snacks in your purse and keep an empty water bottle with you to be filled once you passed security.Also pack a neck pillow and an eye mask. Dress appropriately during the flight and also pack according to weather forecast.


To get to your hotel take a bus if you don’t mind several stop at different hotel along the way to yours or share a cab although you will have to wait to get one. Always take The Strip instead of the highway to your hotel because it is cheap and you can enjoy the city or spot location to come back to later on. Stock up on your liquor, beer and wine on the way to take to the pool at the hotel.


Whenever a vacation to Las Vegas is suggested, the name Bellagio comes to mind. It is known quite well among people whom have been there and also the ones who have yet to visit it. Every Vegas trip is incomplete if you miss out on this because it’s that fun. Like its name the luxury, vibe and nightlife exclusivities are the reasons it is so well known. But with luxury and vibe, comes a price tag too, which may limit access to all that this place has to offer for a lot of people.

There are stay packages that you can avail with flights. They are a lot cheaper if you make sure to choose your travel dates that do not coincide with a convention in the city or some other occasion during which the hotels normally jack up the prices. You have to be careful about this because it can easily through you off of your budget. Getting a combo package for flight and Bellagio Hotel deal is going to be your salvation here.


These deals have buffet meal allowances per day. If it is your birthday you could get an accommodation upgrade for free. Even if you do not get an upgrade you might still get VIP business card allowing you to cut linesin house for things like hotel’s buffet. The Bellagio serves food of all kinds so if you have daily credits for buffet, use them wisely. But still you could eat like a high roller for no extra cost and enjoy caviar or eggs benedict at brunch.

Book a buffet table at 2:45pm to enjoy a cocktail but wait for the kitchen staff to shift lunch to dinner. This way you get savory dinner entree options for the price of a lunch ticket. You could also sit at the bar and avoid having to wait. Sometimes, the bartenders recruit guests to sit at the bar instead of regular seating tables. Go for it and it will reduce your waiting time by at least 30 minutes.

So, no matter how small your budget for a vacation, you can stay at Bellagio Hotel and experience true luxury.