Learn How Do You Claim a Scratchcard Win?

Scratch cards are a popular form of lottery that you come across in different scenarios. For instance, many grocery stores or retailers give you a scratch card if you have shopped for a certain amount. You might even get it with certain products just because you bought it when they were running a promotion. Though you can win excellent prizes in these as well, these are not the ones this post is all about. This article discusses about the online scratch cards that you buy in the hope of winning a grand prize.

You can play scratch cards online as well. The game in the virtual version remains the same, though with the key difference being that you need not go hunting for a coin to scratch out the coating, a click of the mouse can do the trick. There are some other differences that make the online version more lucrative than the physical version. One of these is the ease of claiming the prize won while playing the game. Let us first understand how the prizes get revealed.

How Do You Play Scratch Cards Online?

Playing scratch cards online is just as you would do with a physical card – buy the cards and scratch them with a click of the mouse. It’s just that the process is much more convenient when the game is played online. You can play it sitting at home and need not even step out of your cosy chair.

How Do You Buy Scratch Cards?

All you need to do is log in to your account on a reliable portal like Lottoland, select scratch cards and choose your favourite game from the variety available. You can buy cards in batches of 10, 20 or 30.

How Do You Check the Cards?

You can swipe the cursor over the cards to reveal the prizes hidden in the ticket or you can simply choose ‘Reveal All’ to see all the elements covered by the virtual coating. If you have a winning pattern, the game will let you know the same. It will also reveal the prize amount won.

How Do You Claim Your Prize?

Claiming the prize on the online portals is absolutely easy! As soon as you reveal the elements on the card, you would get to know whether or not you have won a prize. If you don’t win anything, you would be prompted to scratch the next card. If you happen to win, the prize is revealed and gets added to your wallet automatically. You are then prompted to play further cards.

Had you been playing physical scratch cards, you would have needed to get your card verified and then gone to the relevant grocery store, supermarket, post office or the lottery authority to claim the prize depending on the amount won. You need not go through the hassles of claiming the prize.

In either case, if the amount won is taxable, the appropriate tax will be deducted before the prize is given to you or deposited in your account on the portal in case of the online version.