LED Wall packs to improve your exterior commercial lighting

Wall packs are exterior grade commercial light fixtures to illuminate the outside of buildings, driveways adjacent to buildings, walkways, street sides etc. These fixtures, as the name implies, install in the building’s walls. 

Every commercial warehouse building, school, parking garage, any facility and area where a commercial light fixture is required. When used along with other light fixtures such as streetlights, outdoor floodlights, wall packs are great as an extra layer of security lighting.

Their high-quality light output makes them ideal for illuminating areas that require supervision and additional light at nighttime.  A standard wall pack is built to withstand harsh and humid weather conditions.

Structure of LED wall packs

Designed for both new construction and retrofitting HID wall packs, LED wall packs are available in various compact designs. 

The housing is made up of cast aluminum, and it contains electrical components. The outer of the housing is treated with a chromate conversion coating to prevent corrosion due to external factors. Wall packs are acquainted with several lens types for adequate dispersion of light, such as prismatic glass, high impact polycarbonate, acrylic.

The reason why LED wall packs are considered a smart innovation than HID wall packs is because of their light dispersing quality. 

The HID fixture works on a reflector mechanism where at least 30% of the light cannot escape the fixture. This is because of the Lumen bounce mechanism. They tend to be dimmer than LED bulbs despite high wattage. LED bulbs are directional and comparatively have better lumen output with uniform light distribution. 

They are great security lights as they are operable through photocells or photo control switchboards, which turns off the lights during daytime and automatically start them up at night. This saves energy and will ensure lighting only when needed; a typical outdoor wall pack light is sodium vapour light; they produce a deep yellow hue. 

Light distribution pattern of wall packs

Wall packs are essentially for accenting; they distribute light in three patterns: 

Standard wall packs

 Distribute light out and down. 

Semi/full cutoff wall packs

 Distribute light only down. 

Up-down wall packs

 distribute light up and down

Application of Wall packs 

They are great for accent lighting in commercial and industrial setups. Considerably designed with varying lumen outputs even if they are of the same size. 

For industries and warehouses: 

Industries and warehouses are located in isolated environments where security is an essential need. Wall packs serve as an extra layer of protection, make the background appear safer and light up blind spots to keep possible threats at bay. 

For commercial institutes

Commercial spaces like educational institutions, hospitals, stores and their parking areas aren’t that crowded at nighttime but still functional, which require lights to avoid any accidents, trespassing etc. 

Wall packs differ concerning their functionality. They are great for highlighting building features and mostly serve as security lights. 

Advantages of LED wall packs 

LEDs have a lifespan that outlasts conventional bulbs. 

They generate light differently by using diodes, which is much efficient and require less frequent replacement. 

Maintenance cost is essentially a concern for industrial and commercial setups, which adds labour and equipment costs. LEDs cut down on these extra costs. 

They are energy efficient and distribute light efficiently as they do not generate heat and emit more light. They have better CRI (colour rendering index), which helps render better colour and adjustable temperature, making it easy. 

Wall packs are ideally compact fixtures for both outdoor and indoor environments. Their versatility makes them stand out and