Sunday, October 2 , 2022

Let Go!

Let Go!

One of the hardest but a most powerful act of life that determines how successful we are in life is letting go off the things that will hold us back. If someone can improve this skill he or she ought to find real happiness of life.

Letting go is a very powerful healing principle. Underneath every illness lies an attachment, and the extent of the illness is the extent to which we are holding on. We have a need that we think will be fulfilled by maintaining an attachment to something from the past that we feel is now missing in our life.

We try to get this need met by holding on, even though what we are holding onto may no longer exist. Our need for the thing that we are holding onto may grow into an indulgence, from there to an addiction and finally into an idol, which we think will save us and make us happy.

Subconsciously, we believe that somehow our attachment will meet our needs; however, it is the act of holding on, and the fantasy that accompanies it, that keeps us from moving forward. Our ability to receive is blocked by the levels of need, demand and expectation that are a part of any act of holding on. Our holding on, and its self-defeating tactics, keep us stagnant and point us in a death direction.

Willingness to find what we are holding onto and let it go allows us to become free and enables us to move forward. As we let go of whatever illusion or fantasy we have held onto, we move back into the flow of life. Paradoxically, having let go, we become open and able to receive.

Letting go of the attachment causing our problems in health can heal us and move us into the next stage of our life. When our heart refuses to move on, our attachment holds us back in our life. Holding on keeps us bound to where we were and ties up our energy, turning us away from availability and life. The principle of letting go is that whenever we truly let go, something better will come to take its place and will move us forward in a whole new way.