Let’s plan your second innings

If you have ever played or even seen a game of cricket, you probably know what a second innings is. It is when a team comes out to bat/bowl for the second time in the same match. Life is also something similar to the game of cricket. All our lives are psychologically divided into two parts. One is when you are born, made understood the importance of making a good living, finding a partner and then carrying forward your generation. The other part is after you have done all this and then sit back until its bedtime. While the first part is so happening that you are always busy with something, the second part is all about taking care of your health. The most you could do in that second part of the modern-day is to play a casino game online. For example, a Pokies game at Black Spins online casino. 

But if the second innings in cricket is the decider of the game where it is decided that you will win or not, why not in real life? Here is the top after retirement destinations that will make your second innings lively and exciting. 

Lanai, Hawaii

Hawaii is among the top travel destinations in the world. People from all across the world come to Hawaii searching for pleasant weather, neat beaches, crystal clear water and the Hawaiian air that pleases every breather. A staggering 7-9 million people visit Hawaii every year. You might be wondering, how is this a great post-retirement destination if it is so crowded. 

Reports show, Lanai, an island of Hawaii, is visited by less than 1% of the total tourists that visit the place. Less than 1% when scattered in a span of a year, makes it the perfect place to find calmness after retirement in vibes of Hawaii.

Provence, France

The colorful city of France is known for many things, the Eiffel Tower, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the city of Paris and the love that blossoms their. However, one place that it hides at the heart of the country is the Provence. 

The Provence region of France is just as you would imagine a normal landscape with interesting color patterns. Keep aside the phones and laptops and you will not want to get back into this fast-paced horn-honking world. The soothing environment and the serene sight make it a perfect destination to spend some best days of your life. 

Havana, Cuba

As you might have noticed that the other two destinations in the list are a little unconventional from what you would find in a travel guide. This one tops in all the lists of destinations and if not top, it certainly is there. And yes, it is included in this list for its own reasons. 

From the colorful buildings that make the roads look like a pile of classic ice creams to the country’s own pleasing music style, everything about Havana seems like a treat to your life. Even life slows down in the vibe of Havana when it hits the soothing artistic walls of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. The cultural heart of the country is nothing less than the perfect place to discover yourself again in the second innings.