Life Of Mike ‘Truth’ Adeyemo, The Perfect Example of “When There’s a Will, There’s a Way”

It is one of the most frequently used proverbs across the globe. However, there are only a few people who actually believe in it. The only people who have faith in this concept are the ones who have experienced it. 

There are people who have lived through the worst living conditions and have faced the toughest challenges. However, they were able to fight through it to establish a successful life for themselves. It happens not because they are ‘privileged.’ ‘blessed’ or ‘lucky.’ It is because they have strong will power, determination, and passion for succeeding in life. These are the people who believe that when there’s a will, there’s a way. 

The world is full of people who blame others for their difficult situations and give up even before trying. It is important to understand that nothing in this world can be achieved without strong will power or determination. Mike Adeyemo, who is known as ‘Truth’ by his fans, was never a complainer. He was a doer with strong will power. Despite being pushed into difficult life situations, this man established a stable life for himself by taking risks and fighting through his failures in life. Truth, a contemporary gospel artist, is setting an example for all those who believe that success in life is a game of luck. 

An Emerging Artist in Contemporary Gospel Artist

Truth founded a music label under the name, “Truth Records,” in 2016 in Nigeria. Before founding this company, he had to face multiple failures in life. Whenever he took a step forward, he was pushed two steps behind. However, he did not let his fear of failure weigh him down. Instead, he saw his failures as a motivation, all because he was a man with strong will power. 

After laying the foundations of his record label, Truth could not succeed in his venture, but he could not let this become another of his failures. At the initial stage, Mike signed four underground artists to his label. He worked tirelessly with these artists, but things dd not go well. 

He could not let his three years of hard work go to waste, which is why he took a risk. He was passionate and determined. Truth believed in himself, and he signed himself under his music label. IT was after this step that both Truth and his music label became prominent players in the industry. 

He launched his first-ever single, “Hallelujah,” on June 1, 2019. The single turned out to be a huge success, giving him and his music label a prominent standing in the industry. Just a few months later, Truth released another single, “Bigger man,” and even this track rocked the music industry.

If he had let his past failures and falls get in his way, he might not have taken the risk of signing himself to his music label. Truth did not let any fears get in his way of success. He did not rely on any other people to help him reach his goal; instead, he took charge of his life and turned things around for himself. 

All his struggles and life experiences are reflected in his singles. All of his songs serve as motivational anthems for the young and struggling people across the globe. These songs are not just to motivate the struggling singers but for anyone who is on the verge of giving up on their dream. 

Failures Followed by Success

After relocating to Maryland, United States, from Lagos, Nigeria, at the age of 15, Truth attended High Point High School and he graduated from Duval High School. He then completed his further education from Bowie State University, Prince George’s Community College, UMUC, and the University of Phoenix. 

 As he was always passionate about making music, he started with a music label, Jill Entertainment in 2004. Truth signed Slim-m to his music label and released an album titled, “the Struggle.” It was the first failure in his life. He did not give up and started Jil Entertainment’s subsidiary, Jill inc. It was a promotion company. He worked with Young Buck from G-UNIT, and Jamaican artist Lady-Saw. Even this company fell prey to 2008’s recession and was shut down. 

He did not let his failures get in his way to achieving his dream. Truth stepped into the investment world and founded WTL Investors Inc. in 2010. He acquired funds and then started his music label, “Truth Records.”

Mike “Truth” Adeyemo, the founder of WTL Investors Inc with multiple subsidiaries, founder of Truth Records, and a contemporary and gospel artist lived a life that is the perfect example of the proverb, “when there’s a will, there’s a way.” His will power helped him achieve his music dreams and establish himself as a successful entrepreneur. It is proof that will power is the biggest driving force when it comes to achieving life goals and finding success in the world.