Monday, September 26 , 2022

Listen to What a TREE Sounds like When You Play it on a Record Player


By Earthables

A tree is probably the last thing you would ever expect to make music, but that’s just because we had no way of getting any sound out of one before. All that has changed thanks to Bartholomaus Traubeck, a musical artist who has mastered a new form of music—tree music.

The concept is quite simple: play a thin cross-section of a tree trunk on a record player, but instead of using a needle to record the sound, Traubeck uses a special sensor to gather information from the wood and turn it into beautiful piano notes.

Every tree sounds unique due to a broad range of characteristics in the rings such as their thickness, strength, and the tree’s overall rate of growth.

Traubeck’s record player translates the music naturally found tree rings into the language of music we know today, creating a unique and unusual sound that’ll blow you away! Here’s a video of his surreal idea in action:

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