Thursday, October 6 , 2022

Love & the Human Spirit: this Will Make Your Eyes Wet.

You can look at this as an illustration for the cruelty of this society. But we’d like to see you look at this from the point of love and compassion between husband and wife. This will really make your eyes wet. It’s so touching.  Everyone should try to have kindness and love with giving hands.

We often battle out the question why some rich and others poor? Why some are happier and others are not so. What we know is that neither wealthy people are happy nor the poor are unhappy.  Some people are extremely happy with the least they have though either their Karma and or the five natural orders are not in their favor.

Poverty, Disrespect for workers, Disrespect for Elders, Unkindness, Carelessness, is everywhere.  What is important is that we do our bit beyond feeling touchy. Share the feelings, learning and messages with everyone. Starting it at own home by showing respect to our maids, neighbors, family and the society.

Don’t loose your faith in humanity – Mahatma Gandhi.