Love Your Feet, Buy Only the Best Custom Flip Flops!

Custom flip flops have evolved along with fashion’s evolution. This is why custom flip flops are never a thing in the past. With custom flip flops, you are never out of style because you can customize it to whatever design you want or even complement it with a specific theme for a certain event. Indeed, these flip flops have come a long way from just being mere footwear in a nail salon after a pedicure session to serving as the lazy shoe of beach boardwalks.

Right now, custom flip flops have been making abuzz and this is because there are already a number of fashion icons and celebrities who have been wearing their own custom flip flops. One of the prominent ensembles was a Yves Saint Laurent vintage shirt, a Celine skirt, a Louis Vuitton sunglasses, and a Dior tote bag where all of these were just being matched by a famous Brazilian-made flip flops known as Havaianas.

Do’s and Don’ts When Buying Custom Flip Flops

We all know that flip flops are not really the number one choice when we talk about footwear.  That is why when you are going to buy a fresh new pair, it is important that you consider the following –

Custom Flip Flop Do’s

  1. When you shop for a custom flip flop you should make sure that you only choose flip flops with great quality. Great flip flops are mostly made out of soft leather. This is because the leather material of the flip flop will help in mitigating the risk for blisters and other types of skin irritation.
  2. Test the material by gently bending the flip flops from end to end. This will also help you in making sure that the flip flop will also bend at the ball of your foot. The rule for this is that shoes of any type should never fold in half.
  3. When you look for the perfect size, you should see to it that the toes of your feet will not hang off the edge of the flip flop. Of course, that last thing that you want to have is to wear a pair of flip flops that are too small for you. Another important thing that you should consider is that your ankle should be able to rest comfortably on the sole of the flip flops.
  4. When it comes to the pair of flip flops that you are going to wear when you are walking around a public pool, or at the beach, or in a hotel room, or even in locker room areas, make sure that the flip flops are sturdy. The reason is that when you are walking barefoot on the areas mentioned, the soles of your foot might be at risk for plantar warts or athlete’s foot..

Custom Flip Flop Don’ts

  1. It is not advisable that you wear the same pair of flip flops year after year. So, if you still have older pairs, you might want to check them and see if it seems degraded, and if it is, then it might be high time that you go get a fresh new pair of flip flops.
  2. When you toes are irritated in between, you have to see to it that you treat them the soonest time possible. The reason is because these irritation must not be blatantly ignored because this may lead to blisters and worse, to feet infections. So, it is also recommended that you alternate the footwear that you are using in order for your feet to not be overly irritated.
  3. When you are doing yard work, it is recommended that you refrain from wearing flip flops and instead wear shoes so that this will protect your feet when you are doing outdoor activities.
  4. Wearing flip flops are also not recommended when you are doing sports activities. Truth is, there are appropriate footwears for every type of sports, however, if you want to push on wearing flip flops, you might end up having a twisted foot or a twisted ankle.

Best Custom Flip Flops

Because we all know that most of those who are wearing flip flops are women, the following is going to help you decide as to what is the best flip flop that women should be wearing. These items are going to focus on factors like the foam footbeds, the molded or contoured footbeds, foot-molding footbeds, and the novelty footbeds.

Light Foam Footbeds

These types are usually found on cheap and bargain flip flops. The light foam footbeds also have the least support and stable choice. The most common reason for purchasing this type is because of impulse buying or lack of choice. Even though this type is cheap, it is still not recommended because this may cost you with medical bills due to foot problems. Yikes!

Foot-molding Footbeds

The foot-molding footbeds have footbeds that are incorporated with EVA – a foam or rubber compound that remembers the shape of your foot while you are wearing the flip flops. There are a lot of people who find this type of footbed to be extremely comfortable. And as your foot sinks into the footbed and as you break your foot in it, the footbed will then become an accurate mold of your foot. As compared to the previous one, this type has some shock absorption and support. But still, this is not recommended for long walks.

Novelty Footbeds

With the novelty footbeds, this focuses more on the initial comfort instead of the overall performance. The rationale is because the wearer is going to feel very comfortable once they slip this flip flop on. But, as comfortable as they may be, you should still consider the quality because there are some brands that do not offer the whole package.

Contoured Footbeds

The contoured footbeds will give your foot additional support, stability and overall, a healthier foot. The contoured footbeds are made out EVA, PU, and leather which is hard to bend in half down the middle. But, it still bends in the forefoot where the foot obviously curves. The catch here is that contoured flip flops are relatively more expensive than the others and it is but justified because the designs incorporated are more advance and calculated.