Lube It Up: The Best Oils for Giving the Greatest Body Rubs

Looking for a saucy night in? Or maybe just a solid way to get rid of that shoulder tension? Here are the best oils for body rubs and how to use them. 

Nothing kills those sexy vibes like muscle tension. If you feel more hunchback than Dame there’s a good chance that your sex life is showing a slump as well. Life has a way of building up unwanted tension, which we can easily end up storing in our shoulders, backs, legs, pretty much anywhere. 

More than just daily tension, a good rub down is great for more than just your body. Using the right oils can help improve your overall sense of wellbeing and sensuality. “Oils are such a huge part of anybody rub,” says the expert at Elite Indulgence, “depending on what you’d like to achieve with your body rub, different oils can help you see different results.” 

Which Oils to Use for Your Bodyrubs

Certain oils prime you and your body for sexy time, others focus more on deep muscle relaxation. Consider oils specifically for skin health or scents meant to quiet the mind. “Knowing how to use the right oils is simple, gain your confidence and get a wide range, so you’re ready for the situation at hand.”

Coconut Body Oil 

Coconut body oil is your go-to oil for a general body rub. It’s hypoallergenic, in scented, and really great for the health of the skin. This is an oil that will work well on anybody, in just about any situation. It also works really well as a personal lubricant should your body rub start to heat up. 

Almond Oil 

Almond oil is great when you’re using your body rub as just the appetizer for a fun night of staying in. It absorbs into the skin quickly, to leave nothing but a healthy glow, meaning that you won’t need to worry about slips, stains, or sheets when you want to move on quickly to your main course. 

Jojoba Oil 

This oil is one of the oldest known in the art of massage. Jojoba oil is fantastic for your skin and hair, which makes it perfect for a full-contact body rub. The liquid stays silky and slick for the duration of your massage and carries a light scent. 

Scented Oils 

Oils that are gently scented with essential oils are the perfect pair for a sexy and relaxing massage. Consider lavender for a deeply calming effect, or menthol or tea tree oil for sore muscles and an icy tingle. Floral fragrances are great for creating memories and a super sexy mood. 

Fucoidan Gel

Fucoidan gel is an odorless and colorless massage oil that is used in the historic Japanese Nuru massage. The oil is comprised of a sulfated polysaccharide taken from brown seaweed. This is then mixed with chamomile and other minerals and herbs to create an all-over calm and soothe tired muscles.