Monday, September 26 , 2022

Meat industry; Truth you should know

by Jaya

Humans evolved through various ages to be the most intelligent beings on this planet today. In this transition there were ages where humans not only gave up some practices of surviving but also developed various skills and qualities. The jump from hunting age to an agricultural age was a significant change in the history of mankind. Hunting was difficult. It was a tiring job. It’s a painful affair. Unpleasant and in most cases a very short term sufficient act.

Realization of suffering caused to animals would’ve definitely been a reason why people opted for agriculture based livelihood later. However, the need for meat never went out of the system completely. Instead it came in a more systematic form such as animal farming. We now realize, most farms around the world today, are much worst as oppose to hunting down animals in the wild. Because, unlike hunted animal, a farmed one does not have any choice in its life span but to be managed in a highly restricted environment in which all its needs are determined by the farmers themselves.

To make things worst, everyday news emerged to portray that how cruel the animals are treated in these farms all around the world despite various activist groups trying to bring some standards to the industry that would take care these farmed animals to an extent. The following video is self explanatory for the regular operation of the meat dairy and egg industry.

Millions like you have discovered the truth about what happens to animals in the meat, dairy and egg industry. Millions like you are now empowered to make a change they can feel good about.