Thursday, October 6 , 2022

Media Is Destroying Your Self-Confidence

Media, fourth piller of democracy (rest three are Legislature (Parliament), Executive (Government) and Judiciary (Courts)). Media is very very powerful indeed. It influences every aspects of our life. Radio, Television, Newspaper, Books, social media (facebook, twitter etc) all are part of media. They have become part of our daily life and reached very deep inside in our mind. During our freedom struggle media had significant contribution or recently during Arab spring in middle east countries or during Anna Hazare movement in India media worked as a positive fuel. These all are the positive contribution of media and it happens once in a lifetime but what about daily influences on us? It is mostly negative and detrimental. They all are making their profits at the cost of our emotions. 

Prakash SutradharDavies was from Nigeria, he struggled in his childhood and got admission in India’s prestigious institute for research. As Nigeria was poor african country, so he didn’t have any oppotunity there and had to work hard. When he arrived Mumbai International Airport he was very much confident, proud of himself and dreams in his eyes. After 2 months he lost all his confidents and became shy. How ?

When he started watching TV in India, he saw various advertisements of fairness creams in all channels. In Nigeria he never had problem with his black skin. But in India he realized the importance of fair skin as if it is sin to be black, and society accepts only those who are fair and white skin is must for looking good. So this is how media is ruining your life for their profit with wrong information.

Now a days the major cause of feeling inferiority complex for girls are media again. In movies they show you Angelina Jolie with make up, exotic clothings and camera tricks such that she looks perfect on the screen, now boys around girls will start dreaming of that level beauty,  glamour. So this way girls start discouraging their looks, figures in comparison to Angelina Jolie and set that artificial beauty as benchmark. Same with boys too. If that level of beauty exists then it is one in a million. We have to look around us and the normal people. The diversity around us with different colours, different physic, different structure, different voice and thats why earth is so beautiful because we all are different and with different individual qualities.

In cuba everyone is confident. As Cuba is a communist country, advertising is banned there. So people are happy with their looks, body and they don’t feel like to be more perfect body or brighter skin. Media and advertising is destroying your self-esteem just to make profit.

People fail to recover from break up not because they still love that person, rather it is because with all other emotional problems media is programming them with wrong informations. It might be movies or songs but they are stopping them to recover. Movies show “he is the one” or “true love never dies” or  “hero committing suicide” etc etc . They all are programming us in limiting and negative way.

I read one article 2-3 months ago in Times of India, a Nagpur college student Amir Ali committed suicide in love and before that  he watched Aashiqui 2 movie.

The day I understood my mind and its programming, I stopped watching TV or I watch selectively once in a week. I use facebook only when I really need it or updating my articles. I read newspaper not in the moring but in the afternoon and only informative news not all those negative news of corruption, rape, murder.

If you want to be happy and confident then control the informations coming to you. What is our mind? It is collection of informations and the quality of information will decide quality of our thoughts and quality of thoughts will decide quality of our destiny. So watch selective and informative programms only, use social media in limited way, read newspaper or watch news channel only for information not for entertainment and that too not in the morning hours (avoid newspaper, news channel in the early morning hours) and be with quality people (people who are encouraging, optimistic and happy), avoid people who always keep on criticizing others, pessimistic and depressing people. Do Meditation regularly.

Last but not the least, you will easily get attracted towards negative media or information (mind always follow the least resistant path) because we are constantly seeking for any kind of stimulus (good or bad doesn’t matter), thats why you have to force yourself till it becomes your daily habbit.

By Prakash Sutradhar, A Community Member