Medically, How Do CBD Topicals Work to Relieve Pain?

CBD or cannabidiol has come onto the mainstream scene in a big way. It has graced the pages of newspapers, been hotly debated, and a variety of day-to-day products now feature CBD. Online stores sell a litany of CBD-based products. Individuals seeking CBD have many options with just a click of the mouse.

An item that is hugely popular with CBD lovers is CBD cream. A CBD cream is a richly infused-CBD based product. It may contain other emollients such as lavender, coconut, or almond oils. It is often touted as a great way to consume cannabis. People apply CBD-based creams to the skin as a topical treatment.

CBD topicals are sold across the internet and across the nation in many retail stores. It is no longer a substance that that falls in the shadows. Instead, it is slowly becoming accepted for what many believe to be its naturally occurring properties.

Most CBD products you will find sold in the U.S. come from hemp, not cannabis. CBD derived from hemp materials contains little to no THC. THC has a psychoactive profile, whereas CBD does not.

It should be noted, however, that CBD has not been medically proven to mitigate any number of diseases or disorders. Trials and studies are still forthcoming, and there has been no conclusive evidence that CBD will directly affect a severe condition. Those suffering from health issues should follow any treatment plans designated by a licensed medical physician.

With that said, it is hard to define just how CBD topicals work to relieve pain. The better question is how CBD can affect the body in general.

How CBD Impacts the Body

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a chemical found in cannabis. It, along with THC, constitutes the bulk of chemicals responsible for impacting the body. However, hundreds of other chemicals can be found alongside it, including terpenes like linalool, myrcene, and pinene.

Each of these substances serves different purposes within the plant. Pinene, for example, is often associated with the aromatic nature of many cannabis strains.

Researchers Ethan Russo et al. completed a landmark cannabis study. This study paved the way for future inquiries regarding CBD. Russo and his colleagues concluded that terpenes often combine to amplify how CBD affects the body.

This causes what is known as the “entourage effect.” The entourage effect is a process that involves many different components that work synergistically.

Processes such as the entourage effect work due to the similar structure of other naturally occurring chemicals in the body. These chemicals operate through the ECS or endocannabinoid system. The ECS manages and distributes chemicals in the body that can influence and help to deliver messages to the brain.

CBD does not directly work with the ECS. The ECS is comprised of nerve cells, immune cells, and receptors in the brain. These receptors act as doorways and let in chemicals that give the brain messages to decipher. Signals that the brain decodes may call for an increase in temperature or a spike in cellular activity.

Either way, CBD does not directly influence these processes. CBD works indirectly and may help receptors more easily accept chemicals flowing into the brain.

CBD and Pain

Medically speaking, CBD doesn’t serve as a stand-in for traditional pain-relieving treatments. When CBD is applied topically, it does not reach deep layers of tissue. The skin absorbs it, and users may feel the moisturization of the ingredients like lanolin or menthol.

CBD may not provide actual pain relief; however, the quality of CBD may be necessary for determining how users perceive CBD’s ease of use. Not all CBD is created the same. There are tons of companies online that claim they carry premium CBD.

Often, these companies make these claims with little or no refutable proof. Consumers must become educated on the ways that their CBD is created and distributed.

CBD that comes from reputable companies like Premiumjane will include hemp materials taken from American growers. American growers often adhere to strict standards that include third-party lab testing, top-notch extraction practices, and a higher CBD level in each product. All of these characteristics will have a lasting effect on how users will perceive their CBD cream.