Tuesday, September 27 , 2022

What is meditation?


There are three unwholesome roots; namely, Greed (lobha), Hatred (Dosa), Delusion (Moha). They are eliminated by the three wholesome roots; namely, charity, virtue and meditation. Charity destroys greed, virtue destroys hatred, meditation destroys delusion.Basically, meditation means “trying to keep one’s mind in one place”.

Meditation helps to prevent the mind from having immoral thoughts. But, before learning or trying to meditate, one should become morally upright.Becoming morally upright or virtuous doesn’t mean wearing white and observing eight precepts or wearing yellow and observing the ten precepts, or getting into the robes and becoming a monk. A morally upright or virtuous person keeps away from all the defilements that occur from one’s mind, body and word. The laymen should also fulfill all their duties to their kith and kin before contemplating meditation.

The person who wants to meditate should organize his life properly. According to the ‘Visuddhi marga’, the book which gives proper instructions to the person who meditates, one should not only clean one-self’s body and clothes; but should tidy the place and its surroundings where he intends to meditate as well and prepare himself in advance.