Mobile and Remote File Server Access

File Server is a service provided by leading companies and they create a secure line for business people to upload, download, transfer and send files to the cloud service.  You must subscribe to a provider and reap the benefits of infrastructure and security.

What is File Server Remote Access?

File Server is a provider of well-known businesses providing a flawed line for commercial enterprise humans to upload, download, switch, and ship documents on the cloud service.

File servers have worked for Windows, Mac OS, and Smartphone apps for the most part.

Accounts are assigned to users; place administrators can assign roles to accounts. You can upload, download and upload ship archives to a file server other than VPN.

Access File Servers Remotely (No VPN)

The biggest advantage is that you no longer need a VPN to make secure connections to public Wi-Fi networks. Millions of business people are working from afar and living in a hotel, a house, and a village. You can download the Windows and Mac OS programs and remote access the file server at home. No need to worry about insecure networks as they are maintained by the program and the file server.

Access File Servers on Desktop & Mobile Devices

If you subscribe to the Triofox service you are guaranteed to have multiple options on the table. You can access file servers through web browsers, including mobile browsers. Many business owners own a desktop-like machine in their home and a laptop to carry around the world.

You can download Windows and macOS clients and access file servers without any limitations of cloud services. Users will have a desktop experience on mobile and web browsers, so there’s nothing to worry about missing features and complexity.

Advanced & Industry-standard Data Security

Business people need to guard the data from invaders and attackers. Fortunately, Triofox makes use of SSL & HTTPS protocol to stop the third-eye to monitor the movements. The mixture of SSL & HTTPS protocol is industry-standard, the place each and every piece of data is encrypted. Attackers can never keep it secret, and that is why the world depends on two protocols: websites, cloud servers, and file servers.

Trifox Server Software

Many companies have set up in-house servers and you can make the most of this by installing a traffic server. Yes, you can install Trifox Server software on Windows Server OS without any complications. The wizard installer will complete the basic configuration without any limitations and you no longer have to worry about dependent components. After installing the components your machine will restart a few times and everything is automatic.

Set Permissions to Folders

NTFS is a Windows drive format and you can leverage the superior permission options. The administrator can control the server folders from the original server except limitations. You can take gain of the Triofox Server software program and control the NTFS folder permissions. The server administrator has full managed over the permissions, so no one can have access to the files & folders except the information of the user.

Transfer Larger Files over the internet

You will find big-time players in the market, which offer large file transfers and file server providers have included this feature in the package. Triofox gives on-premise file server new remote web access, Windows file server online sharing & mobile application capabilities while retaining the old security safeguards, permission controls, and data ownership to allow you to share files and folders with existing permission.

 TrioFox brings a feature that converts shared files and folders directly into web links. Users can use web links designed to move large files over the Internet.

Try Triofox for free (Trial Version)

The US Company TrioFox is preventing consumers from being suspicious in order to test the product under the trial version. New visitors can request a demo from the official website and get help from the Trio Fox products and team.

Bottom Line

One search will provide you with solutions to access hundreds of secure remote files, and you can eliminate the prey by trying TrioFox. Let us know what you think of the secure remote file access solution in the comments section below.