Most Common Injuries Passengers Sustained On Cruise Lines

The number of cruise ship injuries has been on the rise over the past few years. It is becoming increasingly clear why cruise ship injuries have increased over the years and why cruise lines are now required by law to carry such coverage.

Cruise Line Approach to Accidents

While cruise lines want their employees to offer some help to injured passengers, many big cruise lines believe their employees should downplay the accident in order to not alarm other passengers who may be unaware that an injury, accident, or crime has happened on the ship. This effectively allows cruise operators to keep down the cost of their liability insurance while also maintaining the fiction that there has never been an accident on a cruise ship. But this isn’t really helping those who have actually been injured. cruise ship operators are legally bound to make sure that injured passengers are able to get medical attention and can file a claim at once. 

Cruise Ship Injury Claims

Cruise ship companies are frequently being sued because of their policies regarding injury claims. The problem is that even though there are formal procedures in place to handle these claims, cruise lines have tended to be less than forthcoming with them. 

Cruise Lines Can Be Sued

Cruise lines can be sued because their ship was cruising at a time when there were not adequate safety measures in place. These measures could include having a sufficient life-saving device onboard or training for crew members on emergency procedures. There are many examples of passenger negligence but it is important to remember that any negligence on the part of a crew member can be grounds for a case. It should be mentioned that passengers are often allowed to sue because of the actions of a third party. If the third party is found to be at fault, the passenger’s damages will help cover their negligence costs.

As a passenger injured on a cruise you have certain rights when it comes to filing a claim. You have the right to request information from the cruise lines and you should be able to ask for the position of the captain and deck officers. This means that passengers will be able to know who was responsible for their own safety on the cruise ships. A crew member who is responsible for your safety on the cruise ships is required to be trained and certified in order to hold this position.

Many cruise lines now have their own injury lawyers that will handle personal injury cases on their behalf. If you are injured on a cruise ship, you have the right to take legal action against the cruise lines that are responsible for your injury. This is much like if you were injured in an automobile accident and suffered an injury. You would first consult with your doctor and see if you require medical attention and then decide if you need to file a personal injury claim or a lawsuit against the other driver.