Motorcycle Clothing and Accessories Buying Guide

Have you ever noticed how much time bikers spend looking for the perfect attire and accessories? There’s a good reason for this. The biker community can be challenging to break into, and if you want to be taken seriously you need to look the part. Plus, the right gear could literally save your skin if you ever met the pavement while riding. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the look you want. There are lots of quality, cheap motorcycle clothing and accessories out there. Whether you’ve just purchased your first motorcycle or you’re already a respected member of your cycling community, here’s a quick guide for purchasing street motorcycle riding gear.


The right jacket can help you maintain a comfortable temperature while also improving your speed on the bike. Most motorcycle jackets fall into two categories: textile and leather. High-quality textile jackets are often just as abrasion-resistant as leather. They also often offer extra features such as water-resistant membranes. If you’re on a budget, you may want to purchase a textile jacket instead of a leather one.

If you have a little extra money to spend and you want to invest in an authentic leather jacket, you won’t regret your decision. Leather tends to fit closer to the body and usually last much longer than textile. It will also give you that classic “biker” look that most people admire and want to emulate.


No ordinary pair of pants will provide you with the protection and aerodynamic qualities you want while riding. It’s best to choose a close-fitting pair of pants made with durable material. Troy Lee Designs Raceshop pants are a great option. They are slim-fitting and flexible so you won’t feel constricted. You can find other great options for pants by doing a quick search for the best atv riding gear online.

Casual Street Clothing

If you’re taking a casual, low-speed ride around town and want to look and feel comfortable, there are a variety of clothing styles from which you can choose. Street motorcycle riding gear is far from stuffy and formal. It’s casual, relaxed and approachable. Keep in mind that this type of clothing doesn’t offer much protection, so it should never be worn on highways, freeways or other high-speed areas. From t-shirts to boardshorts, there are many popular street clothing options that will give you the relaxed appearance you want.


Street bikes are heavy, which means you need to have confidence in your footing when you come to a stop. A good pair of riding boots can help you avoid slipping, even on wet surfaces. Choose boots with good ankle support and sturdy construction.


Even though it’s last on this list, your helmet should never be an afterthought. Full-face helmets offer more protection than open-face or even three-quarter helmets. Keep in mind that most helmets have a five-year life span and should be replaced as recommended.

Nothing compares to the confidence boost you get when you look good on your bike. If you can look good while also maximizing your safety with good street motorcycle riding gear, you’ve reached a win/win situation.