Moving Quickly and Efficiently: 8 Tips

When moving, you’ll need at least 2 months to plan. In this period, you will need to pack and
plan all the necessary logistics required. But, what happens when you are required to move
within a short period of time. This can be quite challenging, and you will need to endure a lot of
pressure to make your move successful.
If that’s your case, you don’t need to fret anymore. Below we list 8 tips that will allow you to
move quickly and efficiently.

Start by planning the logistics

Last-minute moves can make everything look important and challenging to accomplish. Most
people tend to feel paralyzed when they think of the tasks ahead of them. However, you
shouldn’t succumb to the pressure.
The first thing to do in this case to rent a truck or hire professional movers. This, however, will
depend on whether you need professional assistance with your move or whether you want a
DIY move. If you opt for movers, you will not have much time to do comprehensive research.
Thus, you can use online directories to search for moving companies. Ensure that you get at
least three quotes before making your final decision.

Get rid of unnecessary things

One thing with last-minute moves is that they’ll force you to consider many things when
packing. This is a good thing, as you will have to get rid of all unwanted things. At the end of the
day, you’ll have less to pack, meaning you will spend less energy and time when packing.
When going through your items, give or get rid of items that you haven’t used for a year. If you
have a family, ensure that everyone goes through their things, and follows the same rule. In
case you cannot decide whether to keep or toss an item, just throw it away.

Ask for assistance

Typically, moving is very challenging. However, this is more challenging when you need to do it
quickly. With this, it doesn’t do any harm to ask for assistance from your friends or family.
Having someone assist you can help you to remain on track, and prioritize the most important
things. Moreover, you will be able to get things done faster.
Thus, you shouldn’t shun away from asking for assistance. When the job is done, don’t forget to
show some appreciation. You can take your friends out for coffee or order for a pizza or their
favorite meal.

Allocate some tasks to your movers

Professional movers are a life-saver, especially when you want to more quickly and efficiently.
They will always give you the assistance you need when you are under constant pressure. If you
have hired professional movers, ensure that you allocate some tasks to them.
Mostly, they have the manpower and experience to do the heavy lifting. So, you can let them
carry the heavy items like sofas, appliances, as well as the heavier boxes. However, it’s
important to note that this might cost you some extra cash, but it will be worth it. If you desire
to move fast and efficiently, you need to consider this.

Source the necessary packing materials

Most people tend to use old boxes that they borrowed from their friends or the grocery store
close to their homes. However, an expert at Torex Moving Company from Toronto, advises
against this idea, particularly if you are in a rush. This will not only cost you time when
searching for free boxes, but it will also cost you time when packing into these old boxes.
You’ll need to inspect them to see if they are in good condition. Moreover, you will be careful
when packing your items not to damage the boxes when packing. So, you should consider
sourcing for the appropriate moving supplies from professional movers.

Know the items that you don’t need to pack

If you’ve hired movers, ask them about the items that they cannot mover for safety purposes.
This is essential, as it will help you avoid wasting your time to pack items that you might be
forced to leave behind. Remember, you need to move fast and efficiently, and you cannot carry
every other item with you.

Have a packing timeline

Yes, you will need to have a well laid-out packing schedule. This might seem like it will cost you
valuable time, but believe me, it won’t. In fact, it will save you time the moment you start
packing. At the end of the day, you won’t be packing your things randomly, which might cause
you to make some packing mistakes, and waste your time and energy. Having a timeline will
help you remain well-organized, motivated, and focused throughout the entire process.

Don’t think—start packing

Now, since you’ve sorted out your things, and you know what you need to carry, it’s time to
start packing. Here, you don’t need to follow any order when packing your items, since you

have a timeline to beat. Your main goal is to get your items to your new home in good
condition. So, you won’t have the time to sort out your items and create a comprehensive list
of the items you’ve packed in each box.
One rule to follow in this process is—pack now, sort your things later. For your clothes, pack
them as they are. Then, use your towels and socks to wrap your fragile items. This will also save
you money for your packing supplies. Lastly, don’t forget to label your packing boxes to avoid
confusion when you start unpacking.