MT Manager

MT Manager | The Easiest Way to Edit Apps With Free Editor

MT Manager is the best choice you have if you are looking for an app to edit “Apps”. And it is free! First things first, this app is versatile and it offers extensive capabilities for customizing and managing apps on your mobile device. MT Manager is a utility app that serves as a APK editor. This app enables users to tweak and personalize any app installed on their smartphone or tablet. 

What’s more exciting is alongside this app of course apart from its editing functionalities, MTManager performs as a proficient file manager, where it simplifies tasks such as file navigation, copying, moving, and deletion. And there is additional support for handling zip files akin to WinRAR.

Why is MT Manager so special?

MT Manager provides a comprehensive suite of editing tools. It includes XML, arsc, and .dex editors providing users with the means to stream through the app. You need expertise to do the modification to the apps on your device. You can do it alone with the MT Manager! 

Here are some of the facilities provided by the MT Manager

Cloning apps to optimize them and circumvent restrictions like signature verifications, with extensive customization.

Access to system directories and the ability to remount file systems as read-write add further depth to its functionality.

The utility of this app is far beyond app editing and file management. This tool offers additional functionalities such as a text editor, image viewer, and script executor. These features are enabling users to tailor apps to their preferences seamlessly. 

But it is better to keep in mind that the this tool may also encounter occasional crashes when handling larger app files, and when downloading might also trigger security app alerts due to its robust capabilities.


Well compared to the other apps MT Manager presents valuable assistance when it comes to customizing apps as according to the user preferences, where it supports enhancing user experience. With the diverse editing features and the user-friendly interface, it encourages users to modify apps directly from their devices according to their preferences.