Anonymous LLC

Securing The Name While Owning An Anonymous LLC Company

Anonymous LLCLLC which is the short form used for the limited liability company has earned quite a good reputation over some time now as the one the strongest foundation for protecting the asset. But even if the LLC can be helpful for asset protection, anonymous LLC is yet to another level when it comes to making the right protection strategy. It is not just the LLC but also its series that has been gained popularity because of the way it can protect the real estate investment and some other high dollar asset

Few things to consider while making LLC anonymous

If the conscious choice is not made to purchase an anonymous LLC, then one needs to understand that odds are likely that a traditional LLC may have the membership that was already recorded elsewhere in the public. In that case, instead of panicking, it is important to take some preventive measures to boost the whole anonymity. But for that, it means not compromising the anonymity in the first place itself,

There are so many states where the LLC members are already recorded by the state secretary. Those sites are quite efficient to search every time when the person looks for the LLC owner. That is why most of the LLC cannot be really called anonymous. If the real name is recorded then it is likely to get tied up to the LLC that means, it shall not really be providing any kind of protection.

One must also understand that there is often a better consistency between the traditional LLC. Since every asset protection of the state is not the same this consistency is acceptable. There are investors who don’t even consider taking up a close look at the status of the state of the series of LLC till the time they consider the serious decision of purchasing the entity for themselves.

If the lawyer always has taken such steps additional then to make the anonymous LLC, the lawyer is likely to mention the same during the formation stage.

Options to create the anonymous LLC:

There is an anonymous land trust which is also known as the title-holding trust due to the operations it follows. This trust can be used along with LLC in many ways.

The land trust can be the LLC owner. This means even if there is a record of the LLC ownership in the public but still, an individual can remain anonymous personally. Secondly one needs to understand that if the individual wishes to have total anonymity, it can opt for the preselect option of a person who can sign the business documents on that place.


Any kind of concerns that are associated with the protection of anonymous LLC requires hard work. It is always better to speak with a qualified lawyer in such a case who can offer the right assistance. The second opinion from an advisor can also be helpful to make sure the investment is absolutely working. Take time, understand the perquisites associated and then only make the decision on how the LLC that is anonymous should have the right protection to be given.