Need A New Car? 6 Tricks One Must Learn

According to the US car sales statistics, about 17 million automobiles are sold each year, roughly translating to approximately 46k auto sales a day. Therefore, there are numerous wheels in the market, each with different designs and specifications. But more importantly, the presence of many vehicles in the market makes car purchasing even more intimidating. 

But buying a car should be an exciting experience. After years of dreaming, you finally have the opportunity to operate behind the wheels. The problem, however, isn’t about the model you want. The sticky issue here is the salespeople or car dealers who can influence your decision and push you into buying a model you know little about. 

If you are ready with the chequebook and willing to line at the cahier’s window, here are a few tips you must arm yourself with before you walk into a showroom. With the details, you can walk into a showroom, confidently negotiate and drive away your dream car. 

  1. How and When You Will Use the Car Is Important

Imagine driving into the lazy sunset, over meandering terrains and bumpy surfaces as you listen to the country music. It gets even more impressive when you exchange driving roles with that someone special. 

 You have that dream of driving into the deep into the dusty savannah and sampling the rustic ambience the distant land has to offer. Nonetheless, such a trip isn’t a reserve for any vehicle. 

If all you want is a car for road trips and sightseeing, you might consider a great family compact SUV from Mercedes which will make off-roading look so easy. But if you want an option to get to work daily, then an SUV might not be necessary. 

So, yes, it’s essential to consider the terrain, car use, and other challenges, such as operations cost. 

  1. Manual or Automatic

You may not know this if you are purchasing a car for the first time. However, deciding whether to go for a manual or automatic car is a decision you must make before approaching a car dealer. 

If you are a car enthusiast, you will realize that manual cars come with roaring engines and easy to shift gears. However, on the downside, it will consume more fuel than the automatic car. 

However, the automatic car is best for those who experience traffic snarl-up in their area more often. You don’t want to be shifting gears for several hours on end while stuck in a jam, do you?

  1. Fuel Economy

Did you know that a petrol-driven car is cheaper than diesel-fueled? The irony, however, is that petrol is more expensive compared to diesel. Therefore, it means that a diesel-run engine or car’s operating cost is less costly in the long run. 

You could also check whether the car you want to buy can travel for a long distance with very little fuel. 

  1. Is Trade-In Viable?

Auto dealers may sometimes offer to exchange your old vehicle when buying a car when getting a new one. It saves you the bother of searching for a buyer for your used car. However, it may not be financially viable, given that what you are typically offered is way lower than when you may have sold the vehicle yourself. Do a background check before making a decision.

  1. Affordability

Who doesn’t want the finer things in life? Not you, I guess. However, that nice red Porsche you so much admire nay be out of your reach. There are similar vehicles you may purchase that are pocket friendly and comfortable. When borrowing a car on loan, you must also work out your budget plan for the whole payment period. 

  1. Compare Prices

Before you decide to pay for a car, be sure to sample the prices of the specific car from various car dealers. Of course, the intention is to settle on the cheapest car seller around.