Sunday, September 25 , 2022

Netflix and Chill Can Actually be Your Most Productive Time

Netflix and Chill

Who doesn’t love Netflix? With all the shows at your disposal, you probably wish you had more time to just chill and binge-watch. Being an adult sadly means you have to get your tasks done. But what if Netflix and productivity are not mutually exclusive?

You Deserve a Break from Work

Working the nine-to-five can be taxing physically and emotionally, and your stress levels could be at an all-time high. This is why it’s important to leave room for something more fun and relaxing when you get home. This is usually the time people devote to Netflix, catching up on an episode or two of their favorite shows before heading to bed. Rinse repeat. Another thing you could do, however, is to sneak in an episode at lunch, also known as the middle of your dreary work day. A 20-minute episode can bring your work-related stress down so that you can proceed with the rest of the day with a clearer mind.

You Can Multitask Fun


Netflixing can work as your main evening event or it can also be a background to the other tasks you need to accomplish. Washing the dishes, for example, can be less boring if you have an episode of FRIENDS running. Even doing the laundry over the weekend can be more exciting if you play the right show.

And all the shopping you need to do? Maybe you can even save on gas and just do them online while you’re watching a movie. Rest assured, buying groceries and even your moisturizer online will still have that satisfying dopamine hit, but you won’t have to waste time going to the supermarket or mall to get it.

You Can Get Fresh Ideas

No matter how much you love your job, there might be times when you don’t feel like your ideas are good enough. It happens. It’s normal. Instead of beating yourself up, you should take a walk and look for inspiration in your surroundings–or stay at home and get ideas from the shows you’re watching. Especially if you watch trending shows or the latest releases, which are obviously more modern, you’ll get an idea of the clothes, activities, and even the current lingo.

You Can be More Aware

Your workplace may be lagging behind in terms of social awareness, and this might make employees more prone to making ignorant remarks or adapting toxic behaviors. Shows are some of the best forms of educational material because they provide scenarios where you can see how or why a certain behavior is wrong. At the end of the day, you didn’t just finish a show, but you also learned a valuable lesson which you can now carry into your workplace.

If you plan your activities right, it won’t feel like you only have 24 hours. Make Netflix a relaxing part of your day, but don’t make it the highlight of your activities so that you will not feel unproductive and guilty about your binge. And maybe, just maybe, it can even help you use the rest of your time more efficiently.