New Gun Laws: Ways They Will Impact Shooting Sports

Gun control has been a serious cause for debate since 2018. Today, the call for stricter gun laws has become stronger than ever. 

Twenty-two people were killed during the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, last August 3. Less than a month later, another mass shooting broke around Midland and Odessa, which killed at least seven people and injured twenty.

But these didn’t stop a series of new progun laws to take effect in Texas. It’s a bad time for gun-control activists. The new laws aim to loosen gun restrictions, allowing people to carry them in churches and during disasters.

With guns becoming a heated issue today more than ever, shooting enthusiasts and professionals are on their toes. After all, every new law passed will impact shooting as a recreational and a serious sport.

If you’re a gun hobbyist, learn what the new gun laws are in your state so you’ll know what needs to be done.

The New Gun Laws in Texas 

These are the eight new laws that took effect on September 1 in Texas:

  1. Texans may carry firearms in churches and other places of worship unless they’re banned in those places.
  2. Property owners shouldn’t ban the storage of guns on properties for rent. 
  3. Licensed handgun owners will get a legal defense when they unknowingly enter an establishment that bans firearms. They’ll only need to leave when asked. 
  4. Landlords shouldn’t ban renters and their guests from bringing guns in lease agreements. 
  5. Texans may bring handguns even without a license during disaster situations. 
  6. There are fewer restrictions on the number of school marshals allowed to carry guns at Texas public and private schools.
  7. School districts shouldn’t ban licensed gun owners from keeping guns and ammunition inside their parked vehicles.
  8. Certain foster homes may store guns and ammunition as long as they’re locked safely. 

Although all these promote gun rights, the National Rifle Association did suffer one defeat. Governor Greg Abott signed the state budget bill to run a public campaign promoting the safe storage of firearms. The campaign aims to ensure stiffer penalties to gun owners who are negligent with firearm storage.

So how does this affect shooting as a sport and hobby? In Texas, gun enthusiasts can rejoice as the state is all for upholding gun rights. But as gun owners, they’ll need to take more responsibility, especially in safekeeping their firearms.

The New Gun Laws in Albany

Albany also has a lot going on when it comes to gun control. Here are two laws awaiting the governor’s signature to take effect: 

  1. The Red Flag Bill. This allows family, school administrators, and others to report a person whom they suspect to be a threat. It will be up to the accused to prove otherwise. If the accused fails to do so, they give up their firearms. There’s no penalty for incorrect accusations.
  2. Teachers can’t carry a gun to school. The only people who can bring firearms are law-enforcement officers or school security personnel. You can relate this bill with the proposed BIll A1007. This prohibits New York schools from providing shooting programs using firearms or airguns. 

The Red Flag Bill is a crucial one. Shooting enthusiasts will need to be more mindful of their actions to prevent false accusations.

Meanwhile, not offering firearm shooting programs at schools may have a significant impact on the shooting community in the long run. However, if the love of guns is there, there are always shooting ranges that budding shooters can head to.

On Purchasing Firearms 

North Carolina already has gun regulations when it comes to the purchase of handguns and pistols. The owner must get a pistol-purchase permit from local law enforcement. To get a concealed-carry permit, they also need to go through the course. 

But a current bill will add major restrictions on the purchase of firearms: House Bill 86. It requires a 72-hour waiting period before a person can take ownership of a rifle or other types of long guns.

If you’re planning on buying your first handgun, you’ll only need to abide by the law. After all, the best things in life won’t come easy.

The Issue on Gun Raffles

Brooklyn assemblywoman Jo Anne SImon is pushing the Assembly Bill A01413, which outlaws gun raffles. The proposed bill states that “weapons should not be given away in games of chance” as they are a threat to public health and safety.

This affects not just the shooting community, but also other organizations. Most service clubs and volunteer fire companies use gun raffles to raise funds in support of their community programs. 

If this bill takes into effect, these organizations will have to find another fund-raising activity that won’t get them in trouble with the law. 


New gun laws may be affecting shooting and the entire gun-loving community. But as long as these don’t directly affect the sport, enthusiasts will only need to abide by these laws. Laws are there to ensure order and instill safety. Gun owners should do their part in keeping shooting a fun and safe activity for everyone.