Wednesday, December 7 , 2022

New Research says Smelly Farts can Prevent Cancer and Benefit the People Around You


Farts are a normal part of life. Beside sometime sparking laughter, they are indicators of your body’s digestive health. A fart is a buildup of gases and doesn’t always make sounds or leave scents.

The average person farts fourteen times a day. Most of these will be silent and mostly carbon dioxide. When a fart leaves a strong odor it is a sign that you are getting a healthy level of fiber, and that there are sufficient amounts of good bacteria in your intestine.

A fart’s smell mainly comes from hydrogen sulfide. As the various foods you consume are digested, compounds are created (like hydrogen sulfide) that create the range of smells that can accompany gas. Truly bad smelling farts are strong indicators that everything is working well in your stomach.

There have been studies showing that smelling people’s stinky gas has benefits for the smeller. The methane smell may lower the chance of disease and help people live longer. One such disease is dementia. The hydrogen sulfide changes the way enzymes function in the disease. All this, plus the immediate benefits of passing gas, make this once rude action a little more tolerable.

If your gas smells absolutely terrible, it isn’t because you are unhealthy. On the contrary, it means you’ve been eating heavy hydrogen sulfide producing foods. This usually means that you have been maintaining a high fiber diet as well. The only time you should be worried about the smell of your farts is if it involves dairy. If eating dairy increases the rate and worsens the smell of your farts significantly, then you may be lactose intolerant.

While you should still be conscious of where you fart, now you don’t have to fear your gas. If they stink then you’re doing something right. Even if you don’t fart often or with distinctive odors, it doesn’t mean your unhealthy. It might mean you need more fiber though.

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