New To Golf? Here Are The Basics You Need To Know

To some people, golf is a silly sport with people walking through cow pastures, striking a little white ball while trying to get it in a little hole. To most of the people who have ever given the game a shot, it’s a great form of exercise and entertainment.

Where else can you disappear for hours into the serenity of a nice playing field and play a sport where the only one you have to conquer is yourself? There is nowhere else. Golf is fun, relaxing and highly entertaining with the right mindset. As you contemplate taking up the game, there are a few things you should note about the sport. This information should help you get maximum enjoyment out of the game right from the very start.

The Right Equipment

While you always have the option to rent clubs at most golf courses, you can’t always count on clubs being available. If you plan on giving the sport a real try, you should consider buying your own clubs.

Of course, golf clubs can be very expensive. No one is recommending you go out and invest in a state of the art set of clubs. You might not even want to buy a full set of clubs right off the bat. To get yourself started, you could probably suffice with a half a dozen clubs, plus a putter. If possible, you might want to start with a second-hand set. What you want to focus on is keeping your costs down until you decide to become a player.

Other golf equipment you may need includes a carry bag, golf balls (get plenty until you start hitting the ball straight), golf tees, a golf glove for your offhand, and nonmetallic golf cleats. Again, you want to buy cheap until you are ready to commit to the game.

Practice Makes Perfect

Playing golf requires good hand/eye coordination and a swing motion that defines the mechanics of the human body. Before you head out to a golf course for a round of golf, you should consider going to a driving range at least a half a dozen times. You can learn about how to swing a club and how the ball is going to react to your swing.

You also need to spend some time on a putting green. Putting demands touch, and having a good touch requires repetition. The point is you will likely be playing with experienced golfers right off the bat. You’ll feel a little more confident if you do a little practicing before hitting the links.

Learn the Rules of the Game

As a participation sport, golf has a lot of rules. Some rules focus on playing the game while others focus on etiquette. Everyone who steps onto a golf course is expected to have a basic understanding of the rules. Any rules that are specific to a particular golf course like Falcon’s Fire Golf Club will be stated on the back of the scorecard.

As for etiquette, experienced golfers take courtesy very seriously. You’ll want to make sure you understand terms like having honors and playing through.

Dress for the Occasion

First, some golf courses have very strict dress codes. Before you make reservations or head out to a particular golf course, you’ll want to get confirmation about proper dress for the course in question.

When dress codes are not evident, you’ll want to keep in mind that golf is often seen as a sport of culture. You don’t have to wear expensive “golf clothes,” but you can never go wrong with a quasi business casual approach to your attire.