NEWYES SyncPen2 Generation-Digitize your notes and sketches

Writing notes and encoding your notes into your computer or laptop takes too much time. No one wants that! That’s why NEWYES designed the SyncPen2 and found a new way to turn handwritten notes into editable digital texts, as well as to follow its mission of “ making the world paperless”.

Launched via Kickstarter, this SyncPen is at once a very simple and complex piece of hardware.With a motion-tracking sensor inside, it can capture what you write at a frequency of 200 frames per second, and also turn everything you write into digital text, converting your hand-written notes and hand-drawn doodles and sketches into editable digital files. As you write or sketch, the camera scans the dot matrix coordinates of the LCD pad/notebook, and then transmits the images to the NEWYES NOTE App on your smart-phone. You can also upload your notes to the cloud so that you have them anywhere you want.

It comes with a 10″ LCD writing pad where it is supposed to be used. The best part is that you can write in any color of your choice and you can perform activities like directly sending your notes as an email to others. You can share notes with team members as well along with recording audio logs. 

In a word, You can write notes, record audios, sync notes,and then share the notes all in one SyncPen.

For people who take a lot of handwritten notes, this device is going to make a whole sense. It sorts out everything for you especially if you are in the corporate world with lots of meetings to attend and are always pressed for time. It is regarded as a must-have for any tech-savvy person and is a boon for those who have the habit of taking handwritten notes but are super-busy to get them into the laptop. 

  • What are the features of SyncPen2 and the NEWYES NOTE app?

1) 360 degree free writing angle

While other smart pens require you to hold them at one particular angle in order to capture the writing, NEWYES SyncPen2 allows you to write the way you want to because your notes will get captured regardless of the writing angle you choose. This smart pen gives you 360 degree freedom and makes sure that whatever you write is captured. It is compatible with all pen holding habits.  

2) SyncPen2 can store notes both online and offline

SyncPen2 is capable of storing 800 pages of notes even when you are offline. This means that there is no need to keep your phone switched on in order to save the notes in the app. The smart pen is quite self-sufficient in handling the job at least to a certain extent. You don’t have to worry about having an active internet connection too. Once you connect to the app, the offline notes can get synced with the app and nothing will be missed out. 

3) App uploads notes to the cloud

The NEWYES NOTE app lets you upload the notes to the cloud so that you can have a look at them whenever you want to. You can tag notes in order to make it all more organized and can use keywords to search for notes. You are free to sort notes by their date as well. This way you will not have any problem in navigating through the notes which is not the case when you write them down on a paper pad. 

4) Recognizes 66 languages

The most exciting feature of the NEWYES NOTE app is that it can recognize your handwriting in 66 different languages. This gives you the freedom to write in other languages too apart from English. Moreover, the app also recognizes math formulas and chemistry equations too. So, this seems a great deal for students too and it would be a great help while preparing lecture notes. Professors would also find this technology useful for their day to day work. 

5) Converts notes to several formats

The digital file format of the notes is easy to convert from MS Word document to a PDF or JPG. Being able to move from one format to another provides flexibility which is very convenient for every user.

  • What progress NEWYES have made with the SyncPen?

After the success of the first smart pen, NEWYES raised HK$613376 with the support of 679 backers for the 2nd generation SyncPen. Tech lovers or others who often take extensive notes or write out extensive lists would definitely fall into this product. You are saving your valuable time by choosing SyncPen2. There is no way better of going digital!

In reality, this device could feasibly be used to replace paper in a tech-friendly and digital direction. Meanwhile, by choosing this product, you would take a step towards being eco-friendly!