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Nicki Minaj’s disgraceful photoshoot in front of a Buddha statue

Nicki Minaj’s disgraceful photoshoot in front of a Buddha statue

(October 10, 2013) Day before yesterday Nicki Minaj has shared some shocking pictures with a yellow bikini along with a great Buddha statue. These photos were shared by some websites and fan pages that we noticed has got strong criticism by all fractions.

We at BBN thought it’s timely that we sign a petition among our community and others who are against any type of insults on any religion. Please see below the petition link and the content. We invite you to sign this petition and share among your network so that we reach our ultimate goal of obtaining 100,000 signatures.


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Nicki Minaj: Please take down your yellow bikini photos on 08/10/2013 published on #Instagram showing your back to a great Buddha statue and respect all religions and their followers!

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There were two photos posted on #Instagram by Nicki Minaj on 08th of October 2013 wearing a bikini showing her back towards a great Buddha statue. It was later shared by few websites and some fan pages which got strong criticism as that photo was disgraceful and an insult to noble Buddhism and its followers. The photo looks very disturbing and it makes Buddhists move as we all respect Buddha as much as anybody else does to their respective masters.

We request all buddhists and non buddhists who respect all religions, their followers and their symbols to sign this petition to show Nicki Minaj that her action not only crerated disgust among those who love humanity but also a bad example a star like her could set for her follwers. Celebrities should realize that religious symbols should not be used to attract cheap publicity as its beieng cruel to a certain fraction of people have high regard to their religions. Lets get to gether and pass this message to her and ask to respect religions and take down her aweful photo posted on #Instagram.

Please sign it here