Nomadic working in America, Canada, and Mexico

Work inside NAFTA with a TN Visa 

Working in a different country is a great experience. You meet new people and experience a new culture. Compared to being a tourist, it’s a much deeper and richer experience.

Seeing how people really live, and having time to experience it yourself is wonderful. Staying in a resort or even traveling for a few weeks through a country, is a pale comparison.

The TN Visa enables temporary working in the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA). NAFTA covers the USA, Canada, and Mexico. With the recent NAFTA changes President Trump has made, the new name of NAFTA is USMCA – United Stated Mexico Canada Agreement.

These are three vast countries, full of places, things, and people to see.

Even within the USA, working in New York is totally different from working in California, or the Midwest, or the South.  

Anyone in NAFTA can apply

Temporary NAFTA work requires a TN Visa.

The TN Visa is a temporary work permit, which allows freedom of movement for work within these three countries. It allows Americans, Canadians, and Mexican citizens  to work in the USA, Canada or Mexico. Canadians and Mexicans u can get a TN Visa at the border of any of these three countries. Mexicans have to apply at a US Embassy within Mexico and need to show additional supporting documents.

Worrying about TN visa requirements can make you feel stressed out. The NAFTA professional job list, TN status and having a TN visa denied, certainly can be challenging.

There’s a bit of a Catch22 involved. You need the visa to get work, but you can’t work without the visa. 

Step 1: Getting Job Offers 

So, your first step is to get a job offer in the country you want to move to. This  involves tracking down a potential job, then getting successfully through the jobinterview. You will also need a proper  job offer.  

During the job interview, you don’t have to disclose that you need a TN Visa straight away. This is because many employers confuse the TN Visa with the hard and more expensive H1-B Visa and disqualify you immediately. So get an interview, show them you are very qualified to you convince your potential employer that you are the best person for the job.  

Do that part first. If you don’t they might be wary about hiring you. This is because they might think it’s going to be a hassle.  

Some employers don’t understand how the TN Visa system works. Hence, they may have unfounded concerns.  

Before you turn up to a border crossing, or fly in, prepare  your application and make sure you have all your documents. Use the Experts to help you easily create your TN Visa.

For example, you must have proof of your citizenship in your current country.

Contact your prospective employer and get them to write a TN Visa application letter. They must write about your qualifications, experience, the job offer, including what the job entails. There are specific items that the Immigration Officer is looking for in the letter, so make sure all these are addressed otherwise the Officer will deny you or start asking you a lot of questions.

One last thing: you must have proof that your job is temporary. It must be 3 years or less.

Have the visa payment with you.A bit of money will pay the filing fee (currently $50) and the I94 form (currently $6).

Application by Mail

One requirement  is having a valid application letter.  This is when you write in advance to apply for your TN Visa by mail. This application letter can be written by your employer or by you. Your employer will need to sign it. Also it’s important to know this is  not an employment contract.  

Some specialist companies can help you put a TN Visa application together. Beware of scammers and only use reputable companies, like TN Visa Expert They have helped over 15,000 people successfully obtain their TN Visa and they have special rates to help you do it yourself. You will save over 90% when doing it TN Visa Expert’s way rather than hiring an expensive lawyer. 

Some people hire lawyers for TN visas – which in many cases is  unnecessary and certainly going to cost you.  

Be sure you apply with at least 2 to 3 weeks before you start work. Delays sometimes happen. Don’t make a bad impression on your employer by missing your first day at work! 

Now, you might be worried about the interview at the border. Relax. Do your homework beforehand, bring your documents and it will be fine. 

Immigration Officers are just ordinary people, but they might ask a lot of questions. Answer their questions truthfully and correctly. 

It’s their responsibility to keep borders secure. You don’t want to live in a country with dangerous people coming in, do you? 

Be helpful and co-operate. They will appreciate that. It’s just a job, and they want to get it done. 

If you are not being honest and are hiding something, it’s their job to find out why. So, just tell the truth. 

If you are a true digital nomad, and just want the experience of living in another country, you’ll be fine. Your TN Visa is your temporary passport to try another lifestyle.