Monday, December 5 , 2022

Old Age Home Inspirational Story Really Touching and Great learning


Old age is one of that life stages which has to be passed by every one and no one can save oneself from this. When an individual enters into an old age than that person really needs emotional support from their children as same as like they have given to their children’s in their child hood. They always took care of their children from the day they took birth in this world till the time they remain alive. But the children totally ignore those great people in their life, on the basis of whom they are too success in their life. In the old age when they really need support of their children in their old age, they simply say that they are too busy in their life and they do not have that much time for them.

Let me tell you one story that will definitely change your mind for your thinking and emotions that you have for your parents in their old age.

One day a son after the death of his father decided to left his mom in old age home and keep on visited her after few days.

One day he got a call from old age home that gave him news that you mom is very serious please come on immediate basis. Son immediately went and saw that his mom was in very critical stage; she was about to die on the bed.

He asked to mom; please let me know what should I do for you? Her mom replied please install few fans in the old age home as there is not even a single fan as of now, second install a fridge here so that food can be saved and one should have cold water in summers with provision to save extra food so that same can be saved. She said so many times she slept without food.

In reply to that Son asked; mom you have only few hours left and why you have been asking me now to install these things when you do not need them actually.

Mom replies it is ok dear. I am only securing your future, I’ve managed heat, summer, pain and hunger but I am afraid that you will not be able to manage these things when your children will left you here in old age home because you had never face this type of situation in your life till now.

When I heard this story, I felt like crying. How come we leave our parents in Old Age home, who always took care and loved us more than any other thing in this world?

My dear friends please read and share with as many as your friends so that me, you and your friends will also take care of their parents. Really touching…

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