Wednesday, September 28 , 2022

Om Ye Dharma – Deer Park – “Buddha and the Universe”

The short video was inspired by the concept of Saṃsāra or “cycle of existence”. The Journey starts from the magnificent and re-visualized view of Deer Park gliding its way through धम्मचक्क / dhammachakka, through the universe and Buddha himself, completing the cycle from where it started.


Creative Visualization – Citrus Inc
Producer – Vrinda Sood
Creative Director – Rahul Bhatli
Concept art – Ashish Negi, Swatantra Dubey, Shivam Sharma
Compositors and Motion Design Artists – Swatantra Dubey, Shivam Sharma
Calendar Art- 5th Quadrant
Vocals – Vidya Rao
Music and Sound Design – Gary Dyson
Song – Om Ye Dharma