Online Education & Development of Rural Areas

Online Education & Development of Rural Areas

Online education

Education is a basic need and also a basic right of everyone, it is important to everybody for growth and wisdom. Education provides knowledge and improves the confidence level in a person to stand in society and create his own aura among people. Education helps us to distinguish between good and bad. It provides a sense of learning which makes a person learn good things whole life to enhance the living style. Rural people always live a very simple lifestyle and their needs are always very few. Education plays a major role in improving the lifestyle of rural people also by facilitating them in various ways. Nowadays education has enhanced itself in many names and methods among which one name is online education. Online education has given wings to the dreams of several students all across the world as well as to the people and students of rural areas. It helps the simple people of rural areas to learn and to transform themselves according to the modern world and establish themselves in several ways. Online education has made rural people interested in acquiring knowledge. With the help of online classes not only students are getting benefits but adults also are getting a lot of benefits professionally in their most favorite profession, farming. Students of rural areas had to travel far away to the schools of urban areas by walking several miles of road. Then only they used to get lessons, education, and notes related to their subjects. Students of rural areas didn’t have much means to study in the name of study materials hence to prepare notes of various subjects they were dependent upon the study materials availed by their schools. But as soon as online education has come in the revolution through the internet and through internet education has reached rural areas, online classes have become the biggest boon to them. 

Now students don’t have to walk or cover several miles to receive an education. Now through online education school comes to them wherever they want to study, even in the field while plowing the fields, while sowing the seeds, or resting in the fields they can study anywhere. Online education has developed in rural areas in several ways. Even in today’s scenario many students, especially in rural areas, are far away from educational infrastructure. Online education ensures that students, as well as adults, could get those necessary instructions, information, and education that is necessary for their personal and professional growth. Online education is imparting a great deal of development in the daily lifestyle of rural people where students, as well as adults, are learning about various researches and inventions related to their interest which can make their daily work of study to professional work very easy. For example, if we talk about students from rural areas, they are getting training and knowledge of several fields they were unaware of online which transformed their life completely from needy to affluent. Rural area students are getting several technical training and study material and establishing their career in various fields.

In the name of development online education has eradicated various curses among which the most painful and shameful curse was no attention towards women education, earlier women in rural areas were limited to the kitchen only and were only breeding machines, but now with the help of online education, they came to know about their basic rights and knowledge about several fields where they were more capable than anybody else in the field of career. Now we can hear the name of rural area women in almost every field like sports, aviation, fashion, cinema, politics, social work, medical science, entrepreneurship, etc. 

Online education also developed the lives of farmers of rural areas where farmers are being taught about new techniques of farming which they were totally unaware of. They came to know new techniques like hydro farming & greenhouse farming. Also, apart from being limited to seasonal farming, they learned about various cottage industries and small businesses which could give them 12 months a year good profit like mushroom farming, fisheries, kiwi farming, strawberry farming and also farming of medicinal herbs through which poor farmers became rich in no time. Through online education, farmers came to know about new farming tools and equipment which can complete daily tasks of farming like plowing and sowing within no time. So, yes definitely farmers are getting a lot of benefit from online education where various scientists also teach them about newly invented techniques of farming, pesticides organic farming, etc. which is changing scenario of present farming into innovative farming