Online Jackpot games: a short guide

If you like slots games, but want something a little bit more exciting with the chance to win more

money and bigger prizes, why not give jackpot games a go? Jackpot games are a common game available in both online casinos and land based casinos, and are also commonly known as progressive online jackpot casino games – the two are exactly the same thing!

What are the jackpot games?

Whether you’re playing games at a land based casino or an online casino, jackpot games are a

system where multiple slot games are linked together to give one enormous jackpot at the end. A small percentage of each wager on each machine is placed into the jackpot, and it just keeps

growing until someone manages to win it! As you play, you can watch the jackpot rising higher and higher and hope that you manage to win it! Once someone wins the jackpot, it gets reset to its minimum value, which is still relatively high. The chances of winning a jackpot are relatively low, but the rewards are enormous, even if the jackpot has been recently reset. The biggest problem is that there’s nothing you can really do to affect your chances of winning. Playing more and more won’t increase your chances of winning the jackpot, as these jackpot games are entirely based on luck.

How to play jackpot games

If you’re used to playing slots games, then jackpot games shouldn’t give you any problems, as they work the exact same way. The important thing to remember is to check the details of the paytable of your chosen machine to make sure you know how to trigger the jackpot! It’s often achieved by hitting a winning combination on the highest value symbols, but sometimes the trigger can be hidden inside a bonus game to make it even harder to hit! What you’re looking for when choosing a jackpot game is a good RTP (return to player) rate. Anything over 95% is a good choice, as it means your odds of winning at least a small reward, even if you don’t hit the jackpot, are high. Of course, you’re aiming for the jackpot, but you want the highest possible chance of winning something outside of that too! It’s worth noting that if you win big on a jackpot you might have trouble withdrawing it, as many casinos have daily withdrawal limits.

Online Jackpot Games

Pretty much every single online casino website or app includes some jackpot games, and all of the big brands of online casino include a wide selection of exciting jackpot games for you to try. Most of these are mobile friendly, too, allowing you to potentially win the jackpot with the ease and comfort of your phone or tablet. Some of the larger brands even have mobile apps available, allowing you to download the games to your phone for even easier gameplay.


Jackpot games are a great option if you’re a fan of slot machines and want something a bit bigger and more exciting. The chance of hitting the jackpot is relatively low, but the size of your winnings if you happen to be the lucky player is more than enough to make up for it, giving you an enormous collected pile of money!