Sunday, October 2 , 2022

How To Overcome Laziness: Learn The Japanese Technique

(Truth Inside Of You) Often we set goals and challenges in our life – especially during the New Year – and we fail to achieve most of them. We give excuses for our failure and promise ourselves to accomplish them again. We start with a great source of energy but slow down our pace in the process.

The reason behind this pattern of failure?

We set new goals and responsibilities and try to achieve them at a rapid speed. In the process of accomplishing them, we lose the zeal and get back to our old habits.

The Japanese Technique of Kaizen Helps In Overcoming Laziness

Japanese culture practices Kaizen – a one-minute principle technique for self-improvement.

Kaizen’s concept is that a person should start with something small and try completing it within a single minute or same time.

The laziest of the lazy will also have no trouble to complete small tasks in a small amount of time. This pattern to doing something one-at-a-time, helps in getting through something big. Kaizen helps us to gain self-perfection.

It is crucial to get rid of low self-esteem and absence of confidence, if you want to set yourself free from helplessness, guilt and sloth. In order to move forward, a human being must experience success and victory. Such inspirational and positive feelingscompel us to increase task attaining time and prevent us from procrastination.

Japan is the origin of Kaizen – it is an amalgamation of the words kai or change and Zen or wisdom. Masaaki Imai was the inventor of Kaizen. Many find this concept to be ineffective and doubt its practice and results, especially, people who hail from other cultures. Kaizen is more than just a concept. It enables a person to make an attempt and fulfil the same.

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