Saturday, October 1 , 2022

How to stop overthinking and keep yourself in present awareness


Overthinking can be one of the most mind-numbing things one can do to themselves. Searching for answers and only coming up with more questions and creating new imaginary problems that never really existed.

When you overthink yourself to death, you worry about things that don’t even really matter to begin with, yet we cannot keep our minds occupied enough with something else to actually let our brains simmer down a little bit and think rationally instead of negatively.

The next time you’re thrown into a spiral of deep thought, keep these six reminders in your brain on how to help prevent overthinking yourself to death.

Take a deep breath

Sometimes you must calm yourself by taking deep breaths, slowing your train of thought down, and set your brain in the right direction that isn’t going to make you self destruct.

Relaxation is key when it comes to overthinking.

Allow your body and brain to focus on yourself and only you at this moment in time.

Never Beat Yourself Up

Realize that things come and go, just as you should. Even if the situation was out of your control or you simply had no idea what to do, it’s okay to admit that to yourself. Never beat yourself up over something that’s easily fixable or something that was completely out of your hands. The world will keep spinning regardless.

Catch Yourself In The Process Of Overthinking

If you can immediately catch yourself in the process of going into mental overdrive on something, remind yourself that you cannot allow your brain to explode with a million questions.

Take a deep breath, refocus your thoughts, and try to relax before throwing yourself into deep thought.

Remove Yourself From Negative Groups

If the people in question are the reason for your mental madness, immediately remove yourself from those people.

You are the embodiment of the people you surround yourself with and if they are constantly giving you negative thoughts or ideas, then surely you will despair into overthinking everything that they say.

A very important reminder when it comes down to this kind of situation is to remember that only you can make you happy.

Resort To Hobbies

If you have a certain hobby that can keep your brain occupied, immediately go to that. Keeping your brain busy with something you enjoy is a perfect way to divert yourself from overthinking something.

Change The Things You Can/Accept The Things You Cannot Change

Change anything that is in your capabilities and accept the things that are completely out of your control.

It’s important to realize that some things can never be changed, however, for the things that you can you have every right or means to do so, especially when it comes to your happiness.

Hopefully these six reminders benefit you in your everyday life!

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