Painting Techniques to Make Walls Stand Out

Both the interior and exterior of your house highly depend on the paint on the walls of your house. It can make or even break your look. Most importantly, it is something that you repaint once a year. Hence, you have to think about it very mindfully. However, if you want to make your walls stand out, you have to make use of several techniques. Techniques such as sponge painting, color washing, etc. are very effective to give a unique look to your walls.

Chances are that if you choose your one and only favorite color to paint over your walls, it might get boring over time. So, what do you do to make it a bit more interesting? That’s right. You have to incorporate some painting techniques. Various designs and textures can give a unique look to the walls, altering the ambiance of usual plain walls. Among a lot of textures, you can go for sponging, color washing, and crackle. 

Color Washing

It’s a technique that can give your wall an old-world classic look. When I say old-world classic look, I mean like the ones in Tuscany Villa. Walls that look very aged and antique. It’s very easy and simple to have this technique on your walls as you will only need a glaze over and one flat color underneath. You will have so much fun with the look of this color, it’s really fantastic. As the glaze is a bit thick, you will have to make it thin as per your cover and consistency. It’s better to experiment with a board or wall before you start the main application. 


Sponging is more like the technique called rag rolling. It’s a fun technique that gives a unique look to the walls, but it’s more contemporary than other techniques such as crackle or color washing. Comparatively, this technique needs less labor, but it takes almost the same labor as color washing as you have to leave the base coat to try and apply a colored gaze by a sponge roller. You can have dramatic color variations with this technique as you like to give a unique look to your walls. Coloring a bland wall using this technique can do magic if you take deep brown glaze with pale tan shading to paint on your walls.


Comparing to the techniques mentioned above, we find this technique a bit more labor-intensive and time-consuming. However, you are likely to get amazing results with this technique. It actually gives an aged metal look to the walls along with blistering and splitting that make the walls look like an antique piece. It involves a few layers of three or four distinct sorts of paint, coating, and polyurethane. Besides, you will have to wait until each layer gets dried. When you have the results out of this technique, all your effort will pay off.

Not only these techniques, but also you can apply many other techniques such as sandstone, layered colors, linen weave, textured stone, and more. Visit New Casa Painters`s official website to contact with professional painters to learn more about these techniques. However, these techniques can change the whole interface of your room. After all, you want to satisfy your eyes by the magic of painting, so why not try being a bit more creative?