Peek Through The Lens Of One Of The Best ENT Specialists In Singapore

Singapore, famous for the solid standard of medical, has some main specialists.

Ear Nose Throat Specialists

Problems that commonly affect the ear include infections, unintended wounds, or congenital conditions. Because structures in the ear are crucial to your sense of equilibrium, and these injuries or abnormalities can bring forth dizzy spells and occasional vertigo.

Otolaryngologists are responsible for administering a myriad of surgicals involving ENT. These can be procedures to eradicate malignant tumours or correct injuries due to trauma but can also cover procedures for cosmetic purposes. Rhinoplasty (alternatively called a “nose job”) is a type of surgery that may be done for beauty or reconstructive purposes. The price of nose enhancement can differ around $9,000-12,000 and is usually not insurance mitigated.

In Singapore, you may want to read about Dr. Dennis Chua, ENT Specialist in Singapore. He’s one of the most trusted ENT doctors in the country and his list of accomplishments and contributions to the field of otorhinolaryngology is a long one. He finished his ENT surgeon training in Singapore, acquired qualifications in Edinburgh and obtained his fellowship in the USA. He is also one of the few ENT doctors in Singapore who were certified by the International Board of Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Dennis Chua has had more than 15 years of experience in ENT and has helped many patients in dealing with their conditions, such as breathing difficulties, sleep disorders and sinus problems. He has served as Chief of Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Service in Tan Tock Seng Hospital, and after leaving has since been in private practice. He’s also had experience as a lecturer and trainer of undergraduates in the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine and has been very passionate about training the next generation of ENT doctors.

He has contributed numerous publications in the field of ENT to multiple peer reviewed journals and textbooks and has given many talks in international ENT conferences in Europe, USA, Turkey, Korea, China, Vietnam, Macau, and Thailand.

Dr. Dennis Chua is also a proponent of advanced ENT surgery which uses endoscopic and robot technology for performing surgeries and microsurgeries. He has completed training for this in South Korea and has used the technology for many of his patients.

Men and Sex Specialist

While not formally classified as a formal specialization under Singapore’s MOH, male as well as women’s medical clinics are different in purpose because they cater to a very particular set of situations. Generally, they take care of sexual health for all male and female problems. Typically, these clinics present a broad spectrum of health assessment tests, for instance HIV examinations and also STD checks. These assessments are exceedingly private and contain important specifics about the individual. Upkeeping a culture of respect is very valuable inside the medical field of sexual health.

Generally, a GP will have to request to acquire a blood sample to check for certain types of antibodies in your blood, for example in the event of HIV screening. With luck, you could possibly receive your end results in just 15 mins, saving you from the stress of needing to waiting period. HIV & STD screening are comparatively affordable in sunny Singapore, prices generally remain in just a few hundred dollars. Certainly, not every treatment shall be appropriate for both genders.

For instance, males can opt for testosterone replacement therapy in case they’re suffering from very low levels of testosterone due to drug and/or steroid dependency, or old age. Products to cause dilations in vessels such as  Cialis are generall recommended by male’s health doctors. Along with advances in modern medicine, medical professionals nowadays have access to high-tech methods to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). A demonstration of ultrasound technological innovation in the therapy for erectile dysfunction.


Gastroenterologists are gastro-intestinal specialists, immensely trained doctors that specialise in conditions related to the stomach or gut areas. It will take at the very least seven yrs of experience in public hospitals like the NUH or Tan Tock Seng before doctors of high potential are able to call themselves a specialist gastroenterologist. The most used screening provided by gastroenterologists is endoscopy. The impeccably trained medical professional will very carefully insert an endoscope directly into your body through your mouth into your digestive tract. Now, this lets the physician analyse the interior and determine whether there is something wrong with the digestive tract. Endoscopy is even further classified into a couple of types of procedures, according to the part of the body the medical specialist is checking with the most common ones being gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

To physicians, colonoscopy is an incredibly helpful process which often comes with lots of positive aspects that helps them within the range of their work. Even if colonoscopy is mainly utilized to check out cancers of the digestion tract, colonoscopy can even present the physician with insightful info on your intestinal health. This could certainly aid them on making important judgments on the way to improve your bowel health. In order to check out your bowels, a scope is introduced through the individual ‘s anus and from there, gently led up the intestinal tract by the attending doctor. Pictures on the interior belonging to the individual’s colon are next recorded through the small cam on the tip of the endoscope. These images are next shown on the viewing display screen, that the gastroenterologist observes for abnormalities in the colon. Just like how colonoscopy is carried out, gastroscopy additionally requires inserting a scope inside the patient’s body.  This particular occasion, however, the scope is inserted into the digestive through the individual’s oral cavity and offers your physician an inner view of the digestive system and stomach.

Both kinds of endoscopies are conducted with the affected individual sedated and can be finished in less than an hour. Preparing for endoscopy calls for fasting in advance of the process. You might be relieved to hear that endoscopy doesn’t call for you to stay overnight inside the medical center. Costs are claimable from Medisave or private health insurance plans.