Saturday, May 28 , 2022

New Research Says People Who Stay Up Late And Swear All The Time Are More Intelligent


If you’re anything like me, and many others, you probably went through that fun phase during the teenage years in which you were always driving your parents crazy, staying up all night, spouting some rather creative language and refusing to properly clean or organize your room for some unknown reason. Some people go on to grow out of this stage, while others get older and wiser and yet stay exactly the same, but as it turns out, that may not be such a bad thing!

Recent science has come to the realization that these seemingly negative habits and traits actually strongly correlate to attributes such as high intelligence, creativity and a proficient vocabulary. This basically means that you can gloat all the way back to your parents house and let them know that you were right about everything all along! You were simply expressing your creative brilliance with all that cursing, playing video games until 3 A.M., and refusal to clean up the disaster area you called a room after all!

So how exactly do these things all correspond with each other? Well let’s look into it, starting with your foul mouth. Because it has long been considered rude and poor social conduct to swear, there has been a connotation of ignorance and crudeness about it that has persisted, but research tells us something a little different. A study published in Language Sciences determined that people who swear more frequently actually have broader vocabularies than those who do not. So basically knowing all those filthy words seems to mean you know a higher percentage of good clean ones, too.

Is your home or desk a chaotic mess as well? If so, then the good news doesn’t stop there!

An unkept home or working environment was once called a sign of lethargy or indifference, even downright laziness. According to a recent study however, this judgment was way off. Psychological scientist Kathleen Vohs and her fellow researchers at the University of Minnesota have concluded through new research that while parents may have valued a cleanly space as a representation of collaboration and an ability to complete team work, a messy room promoted creativity and independent thought.

“Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, which can produce fresh insights,” Vohs stated, “Orderly environments, in contrast, encourage convention and playing it safe.” A neat and organized child may prove less challenging to bring up, but a messy child is an innovator and much more likely to break the mold.

If on top of all this, you were also a habitual night owl as a teen, research continues to favor your once-questionable choices.

Current studies show that teenagers who stay up later during the night may in fact be more intelligent than their counterparts. Despite the negative stereotype of the lazy, half-asleep teen who was up into the wee hours of the morning on a school night, these night owl teens actually scored higher on inductive reasoning tests than early risers, who tend to get better general marks in school. This surprising fact may imply that it is simply the common early morning schedule of modern schools that holds back our brilliant insomniacs and not a low I.Q or difficulty comprehending things. Inductive reasoning skills are generally considered a more inclusive and complete measurement of intelligence and creative thought and have even been linked to higher earning potential later in life.

So for those who never felt quite able to get organized and tidied, who struggled to wake bright eyed and bushy tailed in the early morning or simply had a penchant for dirty words, it seems as though the last laugh is rightfully yours! You were a real genius all along and we just never understood until now.

It just goes to show you can’t pass judgment until you know the true facts, and you should never try to be something you’re not just because you’re a little different! Be unapologetically yourself and your brilliance will shine through.

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