Wednesday, September 28 , 2022

If people were loyal like dogs…

by : Shashi Saini – A voluntary contributor for BBN who wish to pursuit her dream as a writer.

loyal like dogs

“If more people were as loyal and loving as dogs the world would be a better place.” And it is right. I read it somewhere do not remember when and where?  We can learn so much from our pets and specially dogs.  It is almost 3 months this dog is with us to have a vacation. His name is Mojo means happy person in Hindi.

He was never a bad boy since I met him in 2012 not a good one either as I watched him couple times during short stay with my son.   He never went to obedience school.   He knows only few commands.   Sit, down, let us go that is it, a few to mention here.

First week I could not sleep at all because I did not like his visit at all . I hated him but he did not I hated him more but he loved me more. I told him go away he sat more closely to me I closed the door he sat just outside without complaining. He followed me in the kitchen I said I was so tired spending sleepless nights. What do you wants I cannot cook even my food, why did u come here it is our house and you are unwanted guest.”

He knew me and my husband and adapted our house like his own house but we never had a dog in our house so we were really confused how to handle an animal .When he gave us unconditional love we both gave up and started loving him as a family member. Though my husband took care of his walk etc outside he gave me company when he is at work.

He watched me working at home at all places, in kitchen ,in the living room he sat near me when I am eating telling me” food looks like yummy.  Can I have some a little bit just to taste” I give him a bite. And he is happy with that.

He lived the simple life of a dog, ate only dog food since six years except a pizza crust as treat if someday my son brought for himself or something my husband bought from pet store. Because he was with us only for 3 months we did not buy a bed for him, He thought every bed is his bed.  How many times I washed sheets and comforter cover   to stay clean? But he does not care so I gave up finally after two months. He wants to relax like a king on the cleanest comforter, or if I put it away he sits on the cleanest sheet, jumps to relax or play on it.

I look at him with angry eyes and he is down next moment but the damage is done, sheet is mushy and so many wrinkles all over. I get extra tired to make my bed again I get angry and he is running in front of me like he is telling me why not I go out to play with him and get more active.

Oh? My head is spinning when I am writing all about this dog to tell the whole world all about My cutest friend since last 3 months.

Why I am sharing my experiences with my co-workers, neighbors, family members because I have learnt so much in just 3 months and sharing some to follow. So that everybody can learn to be a better person at least behave like my sweetest friend behaves. He is just an animal and human beings who have every comfort in their hand, all books and technology to learn from, Google search engine to research each minute still a dog’s company can make you a better person like it made me in short period of time to be positive, think positive active and loving person for my family and everybody I meet see the difference.

  • Exercise often; do not sit at one place like couch potato.
  • Eat when u are hungry.
  • Try to avoid extra food just for taste to maintain weight.
  • Do not bring large variety of food at home as you would try to eat it even when you are not hungry.
  • Do not steal anything including food from your owner.
  • Relax when tired but do your job efficiently  like a  loyal employee
  • Watch carefully but do not try to imitate
  • Love yourself as u are .
  • Do not fake and stay with what you are
  • Love your friends and family
  • Wait for your loved one’s even they go out for short period of time.
  • Do not hoard food unless there is weather emergency or fear of shortage as God cares more than people or government to protect us from unexpected reasons.
  • Do not hate anybody as hatred never brings love it is a bad thing even somebody does not deserve love should not be hated. I did not like this dog because he put his nose in everything I use and he sat at all places I sit even all couches and clean sheets and comforters were his bed and relaxation seats.
  •  Thank God he did not break anything since last two months. But he always checked I am okay and made me smile .when I was tired he sits next to me like a good boy.

If animals can teach us stay happy why humans cannot make each other happy.

We are all human beings and we can be wrong sometimes. Being happy is my wish and making others happy is my desire and staying happy is my goal for 2014 and forever. I am no body to give advice but it is easy to make other people happy than making  anybody upset. Even somebody  makes you upset forgive him or her  first time with smile it seems unreal try it at least .

Gandhi ji said if somebody slap on one side give them other side too . I do not agree with that but I agree with one thing that staying away from negative people is best solution to stay happy. Happiness comes from so many sources and we can be happy if we think positive, feel fulfilled with what we own or have. We can make this world peaceful by spreading peace starting from our home, spreading goodness around us where we live to places where each and all human beings live, from our city to next doing one good act every day. From one country to another spreading one good activity every moment we care which gives happiness.  Thanks to social media which is one example.

We cannot stop bad people doing bad activities but we can make this world a better place to live by spreading goodness and not accepting a single act of evil, telling truth rejecting lies, loving others not hating anybody including animals, saving nations from wars and destruction, saving humanity otherwise all progress will ruin in few seconds. Live and let live. Be happy and make all happy. God bless me, God bless all who read it. Like and follow as much as possible in daily life.