PKI – An Ideal Problem or a Solution?

We are pretty aware of the PKI solutions by now which is also known as Public Key Infrastructure. Every day a huge number of companies are either accepting PKI or who already have it is just updating the correct version. The PKI would make an organization even more secure and flexible. But you should not consider PKI as the only solution to all the security issues. 

Often it has been found that a wrong operation of PKI led to a big problem for the security of the organization. There is also a high risk, which would be ceased at a certain point in time. Hence I thought of bringing to you why Public Key Infrastructure is not just a solution for any security issue. 

Reason 1 – The main issue in this system is the complexity of it, the underlying system seems very complex to many. The more the components of security the less difficult will it to identify the security violations. The whole of the security work has to be done offline in order to assure the security at it’s the best ability. You will have to look for more than one Certificate Authorities. The CA you will be issuing must be protected by HSM, it is a set of tool that protects the most effective private tools and the private key. 

You will also need 2 more sites where you will be able to store the CA certificates and also the CRL lists.  Generally, people need 2 for internal and external uses which means in total 4 of the sites, but I would recommend you to take 2 for both. 

Most PKI also includes two or more SCEP servers, so that network and mobile devices are able to obtain certificates. But there are many other things included in it, objects, IDs, signatures, etc. It is the responsibility of the administrator and the designer to decide the size of the key. 

Reason 2 – Even if you think that your Public Key Infrastructure is fine and it is working correctly, you must be in disguise if you do not realize that there could be some internal malfunction in the key. But the malfunctions are so minor that the users may not be able to notice them all. 

However, due to such problems in PKI, many of the organizations have faced terrible problems in security issues. Many of the websites and applications have been exposing to such errors cause a huge lot of problem. The browser will issue some warning, and it will show that the digital certificate is not secured. Applications will be closed if the certificates issued are found in danger. 

Reason 3 – The main problem with PKI is that it does not solve serious PKI issues. Almost all the PKI issues that have been faced earlier can not be completely exploited, some part of it will remain in there. The attackers have tried to attack using the easily available software and some social engineering. Only these two methods are found to have been used for all the hacking that takes place. 

If these problems remain and are not resolved then the PKI will not show any action on your system. It will not be able to take any actions as required. 


In the conclusion, it is important to be known that over time all the secrets of the PKI will be resolved. Currently, due to the problem of the algorithm, it is not possible. But with the passage of time, computers and other devices will become even more strong and it would be physically not so feasible to disclose the secrets.