Thursday, October 6 , 2022

Places to visit in Istanbul

A blend of history and culture – Istanbul is a city between two continents, Europe and Asia – This is why travelers are attracted to see this distinguishing city. Istanbul today is a cosmopolitical city with multi-cultures. This city with rich historical heritage has its origin from Neolithic times. Turkey’s largest city Istanbul is a hub where you can enjoy flavors of both the continents. Amazingly stylish and modern, this city offers an amazing and appealing visit

Though Istanbul houses many fascinating places to visit like الاماكن السياحية في اسطنبول, if you’re short of time, then your quick tour shouldn’t miss some important visiting sites. Here’s the look at topmost attractive sites in Istanbul:

1.  Galata Tower:

Galata Tower is also known for its names: Tower of Christ or Medieval Stone Tower – was once known to be the tallest tower in Istanbul. It’s establishment dates back in the year 1348, by then it has been maintained and modified. From the top, you can have a complete of the city as it stands out to be the tallest tower. In past, it was used to spot fires, and today it is an enjoyable spot like an elevator in this nine-story tower can lift you to the top and you can be amused by the view as well as enjoy treats from café and restaurants. The tower also houses a night club. 

Istanbul Archeological MuseumOne of the most important museums in Istanbul is the Istanbul Archeologic museum. A museum with three important sections displays around 1 million relics from civilization. It was the first museum with its Establishment dating back to 1891 and was first founded by Osman Hamdi Bey. It is located on the ground that once used to be part of Topkapi Palace. It contains many precious objects from history including the Sarcophagus of Alexender the Great.

2. Haga Sofia

One of the world’s greatest monuments around the world – Haga Sofia (Aya Sofia in Turkish) was built in the 6th century, between 532 to 537, by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I. Aya Sofia is also known as Church of the Divine Wisdom or Church of the Holy Wisdom. On the massive round-shaped wooden plaques, with the gold script, names of the first four caliphs are inscribed. Outside the main exit, just beside the original baptistry, there are tombs of five sultans. All of these tombs have a luxurious splendid interior.

3. Chora Church

It may take some efforts to reach the Chora church, but once you get in there you would realize it was worth visiting. You’ll be amazed by the Byzantine art, Interesting mosaics, and paintings indicating the life of Jesus and his mother Mary. This place was a monastery in the days of Constantine. Under the ruling of the Ottoman Empire, in the 16th century, the church was converted into a mosque and later in 1948 it was declared a Museum.

4. Grand Bazaar

An essential component of travelers is – Shopping. It is always fascinating to visit the shopping markets of the cities you travel in. Grand Bazaar, comprising a huge number of 5000 shops – making it the largest indoor market place in the world. This market place is very lively and colorful. Around a quarter million visitors come to shop in this bazaar, every day. Handmade, painted ceramics, antique furniture, carpets, precious gems, jewelry, spices and much more. Here you can find traditional and rare jewelry items. The Grand Bazaar was established in 1461.

Istanbul is a very interesting destination in Eurasia. A city with rich heritage and essence of multiple cultures and religions. Other interesting sites of Istanbul include Süleymaniye Mosque, Spice Bazaar, Dolmabahçe Palace, Blue Mosque, Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, Rüstem Pasa Mosque, Yedikule Fortress, carpet museum, Istanbul modern, faith mosque, pera museum, Istiklal Caddesi and Taksim, and Üsküdar.