Planning To Backpack Solo To Amsterdam from France? Here Are A Few Tips For You

Traveling solo is something you must try once in your life. Just pick a place, pack your bag, and head towards your destination. Though the idea of traveling solo is really tempting, things are not pretty easy as it sounds. You need to prepare a lot before you step out of the house alone. If you are looking to travel to Europe, Amsterdam is the perfect place to start your solo traveling endeavors. You can either take help from Triptile – European trip planner or do it the old-fashioned way, i.e., jotting down the ideas and route map. The latter is certainly the soul-satisfying idea for a solo trip. 

So, here we are to help you accomplish your solo trip and make it as memorable and fulfilling as possible. Take a look at these tips that will save you from the hard work. 

#1 Plan Your Stay In Hostel

If you want to make your trips as budget-friendly as possible, we would suggest you pick the most neighborhood-friendly hostel to stay. Take a train from Paris to Amsterdam and check-in to a good hostel. Stayokay Vondelpark Hostel is a preferred hostel for solo backpackers in the city. You can also befriend some like-minded wanderers here. Make sure to choose a hostel that is close to all the major Amsterdam attractions and eateries. 

#2 What To Do In Amsterdam Alone?

If you think walking alone on the Amsterdam roads is a boring idea, you will change that thought the second you step into this city. There are plenty of things in Amsterdam that you would like to do alone better. Amsterdam is a perfect place to start your solo trip. You can explore the gorgeous city and take canal tours, walking tours, or bike tour. There are a lot of things that you would love to enjoy in your own company. To see the city’s best attraction, you can look at Amsterdam City Pass and decide where to go next. 

#3 Get Yourself A SIM Card

If you are planning to stay for long and relish this place’s beauty, we would recommend you to buy a new SIM card. You would need to search for restaurants and touristy places in the city for which you need a stable internet to connect. There’s nothing better than a local SIM card to get an uninterrupted connection. Once you get a SIM card, make sure to buy portable wi-fi that will come in handy when you are out exploring the city’s beauty. You can order it before you leave your home. 

#4 Research About Cool Places To Eat

When you come back to your hostel after exploring the city, you need to look for the best places to eat and savor the local taste. Research is the key to find the best eating places in Amsterdam. Make sure to choose amazing restaurants, and don’t forget to take some Instagram-worthy pictures to make your friends jealous. Make a habit of blogging about your day when you get back to your hostel; it is the best way to keep your journey in a never-fading memory. You can relish both delicacies for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian hearts here. 

#5 Steer Away From The Center Of Amsterdam

There’s no doubt in asserting that Amsterdam’s center has some amazing tourist attractions, including the charming coffee shops, museums, commercial areas, and whatnot. But, if you are on a solo trip to find some solace, you would want to steer clear from the crowd. There are plenty of scenic landscapes that you would not want to miss when you are here. Cycle your way out of the urban jungle and get into the whimsical countryside that includes lakes, gardens, national parks, etc. 

Amsterdam is a haven for travelers, and you can see a throng of visitors here all around the year. You will hardly find the streets of Amsterdam empty. Of course, due to the current pandemic situation, there has been a plunge in Amsterdam tourism, but the city has yet again opened the doors for tourism. It is best advised to take travel insurance and COVID 19 insurance before you leave. Insurances are the best safety coverage to make your trip less chaotic and safer.