Play-To-Earn Mazer Gaming Partnering With Different Companies To Revolutionize The World Of Online

Play-To-Earn Mazer Gaming Partnering With Different Companies To Revolutionize The World Of Online

Play-To-Earn Mazer Gaming Partnering With Different Companies To Revolutionize The World Of Online


Gaming is a fun and pleasant way to spend time, encouraging teamwork and developing skills. The world of online gaming has revolutionized within the past two decades. Millions of players interact with each other online due to technologically advancing multiple gaming tools, such as the XBOX, PlayStation, and even digital platforms, such as Steam. 

With the advancement in technology, online gaming will also continue to grow. However, many people see it as a way to kill time or a source to refresh their minds. However, as the gaming world progresses, online sports can be seen as more than just games. The world of electronic games has generated billions of dollars, with millions of players around the world fighting, competing, crafting, and selling on a variety of online platforms. 

With world forcefully practicing social distancing due to COVID pandemic, people’s interest in interacting through online platforms continues to increase. Even the ones who never had an interest in gaming are shifting toward it. A quality time spent in gaming provides players with the opportunity to develop new skills and techniques that may one day be televised as part of an esports competition as popular as any Super Bowl or World Cup final.

Intending to refine the gaming capabilities of players, Samuel Kijak founded Mazer Gaming in 2014.  Samuel is an esports professional with six years of industry experience. He was rooted in a graphic design career in 2013 and 2014 and, with the foundation of Mazer Gaming, switched 100% of his efforts to establishing Mazer. Before deciding on the company’s name,  Samuel only thought of the ‘M’ logo. Later he selected the word Mazer for the company, which was later changed to ‘Mazer Snipping,’ highlighting the focus on Call of Duty snipping montages they started with the content side. While the organization was founded in 2014, its name and logo were changed to Mazer Gaming by the end of 2017 and the company is accomplishing great things ever since.

It is an esports and entertainment organization that competes in a variety of game titles such as Pokémon Go, Street Fighter V., Rainbow Six Siege, Smash Bros., and many more. It is also home to dozens of streamers on Twitch and other platforms, which help facilitate content creation for them. Mazer Gaming is one of the very few esports organizations in the crypto and blockchain space, actively making an impact on the gaming industry through their team members and tournaments. One can find Mazer Gaming’s latest trends and announcements on their official website, Twitter account, and twitch. 

This organization has been quite accomplished in establishing the popular “Mazer Gaming Gives Back” (MGGB) esports tournament series to support Gamers Outreach and children with life-threatening illnesses and charities related to the pandemic. To date, Mazer Gaming has helped to raise millions of dollars for charity through the first two runnings of the popular MGGB esports tournament series. The first MGGB tournament was held on Super Smash Bros., a crossover fighting game series published by Nintendo. It raised thousands of dollars as the event was a huge success totaling 500 top-tier players signing up 50,000 viewers. 

Samuel has also collaborated with GoChain to mint unique esports and gaming-related digital content and files in the form of NFTs. The organization plans to work closely with companies like GoChain and other partners to raise charity from the auction of the NFTs as well as via “Mazer Gaming Gives Back” esports tournaments. On May 22, 2021, Mazer hosted a tournament aired on Mazer’s Twitch channel at 12 pm EDT featuring prizes and NFTs. 

Play-to Earn crypto companies like Everest Coin have also collaborated with Mazer Gaming to solidify their foothold in the crypto gaming world and gain more exposure. With over 1 million gamers in their network, this partnership is a big win for organizations like EVCOIN. 

Being a huge believer in Bitcoin and crypto, Mazer Gaming will continue to incorporate it through donations, payments, and NFTs. Mazer Gaming is becoming an active leader in the virtual gaming and esports industry. It is further taking worth-noticing steps to incorporate cryptocurrency and NFT technology in its events, directly supporting the cryptocurrency as a whole.