Tuesday, November 29 , 2022

Please Stop the Cruel “Snapperfest” From Happening Again!

Please Stop the Cruel "Snapperfest" From Happening Again!

Every year at the Campshore Campground in Ohio County, Indiana an extremely cruel event called “Snapperfest” takes place. Wild caught turtles are put through a sick game in which they are grabbed by their tails and repeatedly smashed into the ground. Then if that wasn’t enough their heads are pulled out of their shells and swung around until the participants are able to wrap their fists around the turtles necks.

This video shows what happens:

Please tell Ohio County Comissioners that this isn’t right! The last Snapperfest has just passed so let us make sure it never happens again!

Petition – http://www.thepetitionsite.com/55/please-stop-the-cruel-quotsnapperfestquot-from-happening-again