Pool Supplies You Should Definitely Own

With the whole COVID-19 situation and the quarantine happening all around the world, going to the pool has become very difficult, even impossible for certain specific areas. 

However, this didn’t stop people from enjoying a healthy and active summer day, so a lot of people out there bought their own above-ground pools. Affordable, easy to install, and quite capable at what they do, there’s probably nothing better to satisfy any summer needs.

However, a lot of people don’t understand that, with owning a pool, responsibilities also come with it. One of those, of course, includes maintenance and care of the pool, while other responsibilities include owning the right equipment to enjoy a pool day. 

That is why, in this article, we will cover some of the most essential supplies you should absolutely own if you recently became a pool owner, from swimming pool cleaning supplies to more mundane things, like inflatable toys and skincare products.

Let’s Talk About Enjoying a Great Pool Day

Before we get into more complicated stuff related to taking care and maintaining pools, let’s first talk about the thing you actually need to enjoy a nice summer day. Some of the things we will cover are actually optional while others should be considered essential, so you should assess the situation accordingly and decide which supplies are most suitable for you.

If you are about to enjoy a family day, however, make sure that your family’s needs are covered, so take special consideration about the members of your family, especially if there are any children.

Make Sure Everyone Remains in Good Shape

Swimming is a high energy-consuming activity, believe it or not. You are constantly bathing under the sun while moving in an environment that is much heavier than the atmosphere, and it can get very tiring, even when you don’t notice it. When you playing at places like beaches or pools, it is very normal for the body to sweat a lot, which can cause dehydration.

Dehydration is a very nasty condition, as showcased at https://www.healthline.com/health/dehydration. Although it varies on levels of intensity, it can be pretty dangerous to play in a swimming pool while being dehydrated, especially since it increases the chances of suffering from a heat stroke, and also makes any sunburn much more dangerous. 

That is why one of your responsibilities is to make sure that you and your family (or friends) are handling the situation properly. The best way to do so is having enough beverages for everyone, sunscreen, and a place to escape from the sun in case rest is needed.

Make Sure You Are Well Equipped

Besides that, you should try to have a couple of things at your disposal. Floats, sunglasses or hats, snacks, Bluetooth speakers, towels, and nice music, can greatly improve the whole adventure, and having something else to do, like drinks or barbecue, can also help a lot. Just make sure to not go overboard with the drinks and food, and make sure to take a rest if you end up eating. 

A volleyball might also be one of the best things you can have at a pool party, just because of the incredible amount of games you can play with it. If it is a volleyball made for pools, it’ll be definitely better!

If you are the one going to the pool party, you might want to check out this article over here for a very detailed guide on the things you should bring with you.

Keeping the Pool in Good Shape

Now… If you are the owner of the pool, one of your responsibilities is keeping its water in a good condition. This can be a little complicated, considering that you will need to use specific chemicals and tools to ensure that the water is clean and free of microorganisms that might cause diseases or infections.

A couple of these chemicals include Chlorine and Cyanuric Acid, which work together to keep the water pure and disinfected. Still, since there are a wide variety of chemicals you can use, each one fulfilling different purposes, the best way to approach this aspect of maintenance is using a kit that allows you to read the condition of the water to decide the chemicals that it needs to be in a good shape.

Thankfully, these kits can be easily found online and they come with very simple instructions that give you a solid idea of what you can do to properly maintain your pool. Besides using chemicals, cleaning it and making sure that the walls and floor are free of algae and other foreign invaders, can greatly reduce the chances of the water being infected, so you might want to take your time and do some preparations before receiving people into your party.