Popular Manufacturers of Military Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies are manufactured in different forms. One of the unique cable assemblies is military cable assemblies. Military cable assemblies are manufactured using the best technology and according to military standards. The quality of military cable assemblies is regulated by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, NEMA, and the Qualified Products List, QPL. The primary function of QPL is to identify materials that can be used in the manufacturing of military cables and vetting of potential suppliers of military cable products for government approval. On the other hand, NEMA develops public policies and technical standards for cable manufacturers.

What to Consider When Purchasing Military Cable Assemblies

Military cable assemblies are not solely used by the military, as the name suggests. These cable assemblies are used in different industries, including telecommunication companies. Here are some factors one should have in mind when purchasing military cable assemblies.


When purchasing military cable assemblies, one should have in mind the exact use of the assemblies and the environment in which they will be used. For instance, cable assemblies used in making control panels are not similar to those used in encryption systems. If the cable assemblies are to be used in a harsh environment, they should be rugged to ensure durability.

Cost of The Cable Assemblies

Military cable assemblies purchased by an individual or company should be cost-effective. The price of acquiring and maintaining cable assemblies should not negatively impact the company’s financial status.

Popular Manufacturers Of Military Cable Assemblies

Many companies manufacture military cable assemblies. However, not every company guarantees the best assemblies. Here are some of the trusted manufacturers of military cable assemblies. 

DDH Enterprise, Inc.

DDH Enterprise, Inc. is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of cable assemblies for different purposes. Other than supplying medical and electronic cable assemblies, the company is known for manufacturing quality military cable assemblies. The company’s capabilities include prototyping of new models of military cable assemblies for testing and approval.

Co-operative Industries Aerospace & Defense

Co-operative Industries Aerospace & Defense is a Texas-based company known for manufacturing the best custom military cable assemblies. The company is also registered to manufacture cable assemblies for signal transmission and power distribution.

Interconnect Cable Technologies Corp. (ICTC)

This Florida-based company is a trusted supplier of military cable assemblies within the region. Other than military cable assemblies, the Interconnect Cable Technologies Corp. is also certified to manufacture cable assemblies for LED lighting and medical applications. Capabilities of this company include plastic and aluminum injection modeling, crimping, butt splicing, and terminating.

Although the manufactured cable assemblies might be of the same standard, pricing depends on the manufacturer’s policies. In most cases, the rates are set depending on agreements between the manufacturer and the buyer. Purchasing cable assemblies from local manufacturers is advantageous. Besides saving on transport costs, it is easier for one to follow up with the manufacturer in case of a complication. One should also check with the QPL and NEMA to confirm a manufacturer’s credibility before purchasing cable assemblies. This prevents cases of fraud by manufacturers who produce substandard cable assembles.